Android creator Andy Rubin teases first look of his new phone

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Andy Rubin new phone

The excitement around Android co-founder Andy Rubin's new project- a high-end Android device is refusing to settle down. When Rubin tweeted out a teaser photo of the yet-to-be-named smartphone, tech enthusiasts went in for a frenzy.


The company, reportedly named Essential under the leadership of Rubin is developing a hardware for his own creation and from the teaser, the only clue we can derive at the moment is that its going to be a bezel-less device. Unfortunately, that's the only bit, we have at the moment about the device and the maker.

Though there is a lot of hype around the new smartphone given Rubin's qualifications and hiring of VP of PR and VP of Marketing from the embattled augmented reality firm Magic Leap to lead efforts but Rubin will have to come up with something out of box to challenge iPhone.

The startup has reportedly already raised a significant amount of funding. According to a WSJ report, Softbank, which was looking to come in as a major investor by pumping $100Mn for a 10 percent stake, has recently pulled out from the project.