An electric super car from Acura: NSX EV Concept

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CIOL An electric super car from Acura: NSX EV Concept

Advice for Carmakers: Supercars aren’t just about looks, speed, and performance. They need to have an aura and should evoke emotions.


We have found our supercar; no we're not talking about Tesla. It's Acura's new NSX.

CIOL Acura NSX EV Concept

The Acura Electric Version Concept is a specially designed experimental supercar that's manufactured to tackle the treacherous high-speed course, which is leading to the 2016 edition of the annual Pikes Peak Hill International Climb in Colorado.


The unique aspect about the EV Concept special is its power train which is powered by a quartet of electric motors. This means Tesla is behind Acura, as EV concept's each wheel gets its own electric motors, whereas Tesla is powered by two motors - one located between each set of wheels.

According to Acura, its setup allows more efficient and effective performance especially under hard acceleration and during cornering by precisely allocating its power based on the specific needs at each wheel.

The EV Concept's drive system comes with a development of the Super Handling All-Wheel-drive (SH-AWD) system and its ability to effectively transfer power between the car's wheels is very impressive. Though the production version's drive system generates 573 horsepower, Acura has declined to disclose details on the EV Concept's battery capacity and output.

Acura has found a way to effectively package an ultra-high-performance electric car in supercar form. The future of electric car is near; we see it coming in super-fast speed!!

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