AMD’s Opteron launched in India

CIOL Bureau
New Update

MUMBAI: AMD has announced the India launch of its AMD Opteron processor, the 64-bit processor compatible with the industry-standard x86 architecture and the performing 2-way and 4-way processor for servers. The company also claimed that Microsoft has reiterated its commitment to developing a 64-bit operating system for the processor, with a beta version available in mid-2003.

Sanjeev Keskar, Country Manager, AMD India said, "The AMD Opteron processor is the world's first processor to eliminate barriers to 64-bit computing and accelerate the transition to a pervasive 64-bit environment. Businesses - when and how they choose - to the superior processing power of 64-bit computing. The AMD Opteron processor gives customers the freedom to choose and use both, for the first time, to simplify business and build a future that leaves no enterprise behind."

IBM joined AMD at its US launch event earlier this month to announce its plans to offer a server product for high-performance computing based on the AMD Opteron processor. The AMD Opteron processor for servers and workstations, which extends the x86 instruction set architecture (ISA) to 64-bit computing.

AMD Opteron processor Models 240, 242 and 244 for up to 2-way servers are available now. AMD Opteron processors in the 800 series for up to 8-way servers would be available later in this quarter. AMD expects that the Opteron processors in the 100 series for 1-way servers would be available in Q3-03. Prices for the 200 series of the AMD Opteron processor start at $283 each in lots of 1,000.