Amazon to offer on demand GPU supercomputing

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BANGALORE, INDIA: NVIDIA has announced the access to its supercomputing-class performance of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs through a new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) which is also know as Cluster GPU Instances to enterprises and start-ups.


This new offering extends the available options for flexible, on-demand high performance computing (HPC) within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud said a press release.

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“With Amazon Cluster GPU Instances, our customers now have the power of high performance computing, the efficiency and speed of GPUs and the highly available, scalable and affordable cloud environment our customers have come to expect from AWS,” said Peter De Santis, general manager of Amazon EC2. 


He added, "We’re excited to help our customers access the raw power of GPU technology and look forward to the innovation this will enable.”

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“The ability to run a larger number of more detailed simulations, with an on-demand pricing model and the scalability of Amazon EC2, enables companies to build better, safer, more reliable products,” said Andy Keane, general manager, Tesla business at NVIDIA.


“GPU supercomputing, through AWS, gives users a flexible computing facility that allows them to scale their computing needs based on user demand,” added Keane.

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Supercomputing has become an important tool in the process of creating commercial products, from design and simulation-based testing to production. However, the upfront cost of acquiring these systems has, until recently, limited their use to government and university-based research facilities or businesses willing to make the large up-front capital investment. By making GPUs available through Amazon EC2, AWS is now making this available to businesses of all sizes added the release.