Altair on an acquisition mode

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Altair is all set to acquire three companies this year.


Altair is organised to support its four products and service offerings: Altair HyperWorks (A platform for innovation), PBS GridWorks (Enabling on-demand computing), Altair ProductDesign (The shortest distance between concept and reality) and HiQube (Elevating data to knowledge) with over 1,000 consultants serving more than 1,500 clients worldwide.

Nelson Dias, executive VP, APAC, Altair, said: "We have plans to acquire a European company in the coming month. Two other acquisitions, an Indian and a European company, are also in the offing for this year. We cannot reveal further details about these acquisition at this moment.”

"Altair is driven by product innovation and our acquisition strategy has always been based on newer technologies. So we will continue to acquire latest technology. We are focussed on further expanding our industrial design, computational fluid dynamics and manufacturing process simulation," added Dias announcing Altair's, a global provider of technology and services empowering client innovation and decision making, strategic plans and roadmap in India recently.


"The world market is witnessing a slowdown and all are focussed on cut down on testing. Physical prototypes are being eliminated slowly. We are also focussing on multi-disciplinary optimasiation. We have achieved a growth of $140 mn globally and project a growth of $175 mn for this fiscal,” he added.

Pavan Kumar, MD, Altair India, said: “The India product development centre in Bangalore, where around 220 engineers are working, is vital to Altair's global research and development activities, which are a key contributor to Altair's worldwide customers. We are trying to create more engineering dashboards, for the global market, from our Bangalore centre and about 20 engineers are currently working on it."

“The commercial product business unit of the company provides the clients an integrated suite of design and analysis software featuring modeling, visualisation, simulation and optimization capabilities as well as design process automation and manufacturing process simulation,” Kumar adds.