All HTC needs now is an aggressive digital push for its supremium phone, U Ultra

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Of late, I have been exploring some of the HTC devices, including HTC U Ultra. The Supremium phone is worth considering, if one has more than Rs 50,000 budget to buy an Android smartphone.

There are some really unique features that are going to surprise a buyer apart from the build quality, etc. which is anyway expected at that level. However, the plastic cover is a big disappointment that takes off that premium look and feel from the phone.

I am not going to talk about the specific features that this phone has. However, what I would like to highlight here is that despite having such a rich product HTC is somewhere underemphasizing its portfolio. What HTC needs is to design a separate digital programme for HTC U Ultra smartphone. And, I have a reason to say so.


Samsung has recently announced S8 in India. With this, the Supremium category becomes aggressively active as far as Android is concerned and we have already seen Samsung spending huge money to advertise its flagship product. However, as Samsung doesn’t enjoy as staunch brand loyalty as Apple, potential buyers are bound to explore other options. What they have around is -either HTC U Ultra or Google Pixel. Pixel is an older option and it has not been able to excite the Indian buyers at least. HTC U Ultra is a product having better prospects. However, its presence is very thinly felt. This is where HTC needs to be very aggressive with U Ultra digital campaign and leverage from the momentum getting built around Supremium category with Samsung S8 in the market now.

If HTC is able to create that momentum around U Ultra using digital mediums, it is going to throw open an option for the potential buyers of Samsung S8 and eventually it could siphon off some of them in its favour. 

The digital gives HTC some of the instant advantages like connecting very well with the potential buyer segments, creating that premium niche as well as reducing time to market. Since, this is the most opportune time for U Ultra to make a mark, HTC has to be quick and near real time. This can be achieved no better than getting digital.

This digital campaign can also be complemented with a slight price cut making it even exciting for potential buyers. With Vive, HTCs complete VR system launched just around, HTC can strengthen its position among the Supremium Android Smartphones and it can become not only No. 2 in this segment but also stand as a strong competitor to Samsung’s S8.

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