Alert: Phishing attacks on Indian banks

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BANGALORE, INDIA:Cyber criminals have now turned their attention towards Indian banks and are carrying out phishing attacks, according to Symantec.


The report comes in backdrop of recent phishing attacks on the Indian Tax department.

According to Symantec's new report, the company is seeing a significant rise in phishing attacks on Indian public sector banks. In March 2010 the number of phishing websites on Indian government bank brands increased by 35 percent from the previous month. 

Phishing site


Interestingly, although hosted in the USA, the top level domain (TLD) of the phishing URLs were"in", which represents India, the report points out.

Further, the report said that the phishing website contains a link to "online banking" that leads to the fraudulent login page that asks for a username and password or sometimes an account number and pin number.

The phishing website contains the RBI logo, but the Web page is completely different from the legitimate RBI website. The fraudulent Web page is created using a single template, allowing scammers to spoof multiple brands simply by replacing the logo and a few keywords. Phishing websites that spoof other brands using this design template are also hosted on the same IP, but have different domain names, the report adds.