Alcatel-Lucent tops in CDMA mkt

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Alcatel-Lucent today announced that the company has been selected as leader in the CDMA space by Dell’Oro’s latest Mobility Infrastructure report


According to a release, Dell’Oro place Alcatel-Lucent as the historical leader in CDMA (leading in CDMA revenues since 3Q’01), and acknowledges that Alcatel-Lucent has reinforced its number one position on a quarterly basis, growing its market share - as measured by revenue - to more than 40 per cent in 2Q’10. 

CDMA remains a dynamic market with more than 500 million subscribers worldwide, and experiencing strong subscriber and traffic growth. Alcatel-Lucent continues to see CDMA as a longer-term, viable solution in established and emerging markets. CDMA remains a critical long-term asset, even as operators are starting to introduce wireless 4G technologies, due to CDMA’s extended coverage and roaming support, as well as its ability to deliver high-speed data, combined with low-cost and high-capacity voice.

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