<strong>Airtel’s Deepak Gupta Joins CARS24 as Vice President of Engineering</strong>

CARS24 has announced the appointment of Deepak Gupta as its Vice President of Engineering. In his new role. Read here the details.

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CARS24 has announced the appointment of Deepak Gupta as its Vice President of Engineering. In his new role, Deepak will catalyse driving technological innovation within the Engineering Division, aiming to enhance both the performance delivery and the overall user experience for customers buying and selling used cars. This move underscores CARS24's dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to transform the way we interact with the pre-owned automobile market, offering customers a seamless and efficient journey


Deepak is a forward-thinking technologist with a career spanning over two decades at the nexus of technology and business. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to shape technical strategies, leads cross-functional teams, and deliver remarkable results that propel organisations to new heights. Throughout his career, Deepak has been the mastermind behind the development of extensive engineering platforms, adaptable and scalable websites, apps, and products, all designed to provide cutting-edge functionality and intelligence to end-users. His dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction drives continuous innovation and swift product development.

An alumnus of IIT, Delhi, Deepak firmly believes in technology as a catalyst for positive change, surpassing mere trend-following to strategically unlock technology's potential in solving intricate challenges, optimising operational efficiency, and birthing groundbreaking products and services. His visionary leadership is centered around guiding organisations through this transformative technological landscape, making them agile, competitive, and future-proof.

In his most recent role at Airtel, Deepak spearheaded technology initiatives across 14 countries, overseeing critical functions, including Airtel Money and Airtel Payments Bank. Prior to Airtel, he headed the technology division in G4S, a globally integrated security committee, and worked with other renowned organisations like Publicis Sapient, Xchanging, and MPS Technologies. Deepak is also an official member of the Forbes Technology Council.


Talking about us, Deepak Gupta, the newly appointed Vice President of Engineering at CARS24, shared, “I am honoured and excited to join the dynamic team at Cars24 as the Vice President of Engineering. Cars24 is at the forefront of revolutionising the automotive industry, and I look forward to contributing my expertise to drive innovation leveraging AI and Data Science and excellence in engineering at its Financial engineering and compliance verticals. Together, we'll build the future of automotive technology.”

Marut Singh, the Chief Technology Officer at CARS24, couldn't contain his excitement about Deepak's addition to the team. He expressed, "We're not just welcoming Deepak; we're unleashing a tech-savvy maestro to the CARS24 Engineering Team. Our mission has always been to transform the global used car market, and Deepak's addition to the team at this juncture will work like a booster to our digital transformation journey. With his rich experience across various verticals and ability to lead large teams, we're geared up to offer our customers a world-class experience"

In his new role, Deepak will lead CARS24's Financial engineering and compliance vertical, focusing on creating a scalable ecosystem to build various financial products. He will fortify team dynamics, foster seamless collaboration, and spearhead technological and process innovation while driving advanced product development to fuel the organisation's business growth. Deepak's addition to the CARS24 team represents a pivotal step in reinforcing the company's commitment to nurturing its talent force, delivering unparalleled experiences, and solidifying its position as an industry leader in the dynamic used car market.

CARS24 remains at the forefront of auto-tech innovation. Earlier this month the company announced its plans to onboard over 100 tech experts in domains such as R&D, data sciences, and product development this quarter to further strengthen its tech team.