AIIMS lines up Rs 32 crore IT expansion plan

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Balaka Baruah Aggarwal

NEW DELHI: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the premier

medical Institute in the country, has initiated a massive IT expansion program

to streamline and modernize internal processes. The first phase of the exercise

is expected to be completed within six months of signing the contract with the

vendor. The vendor for the project has been finalized and the contract will be

officially signed shortly, informed the deputy director and head computer

facility at AIIMS, Dr RS Tyagi. The institute has lined up around Rs 32 crore

for its expansion plan.

The first phase envisages making all textual information on patients and
laboratory reports available online, while the second phase would look at

connecting the wards and peripheral services like the kitchen, laundry and other

support systems. Patients would be given an identity number through which all

reports could be accessed online.

The project envisages that all hospital processes be made online right from the
moment the patient steps into the hospital as an outdoor patient. Doctors would

record patient data and advice tests online. Patients would be given laboratory

appointments online and after the tests the results would also be made available

online. This would not only reduce work pressure on employees but expected to

accrue huge savings to the hospital. Streamlining processes like registering

outdoor patients or admitting patients in hospitals would result in huge cost

saving which cannot be estimated because there is no account of the expenditure

involved in all these things.

The second phase would see the laboratories connected to the OPDs, wards, OTs,
the teaching blocks as well as the R&D blocks getting connected. Doctors

would be able to retrieve patient data and test reports from any of these

places. This would do away with the need of films and paper work resulting in

savings close to Rs 8 crore annually.

For this to happen, the hospital will have a network of fibre-optic backbone
with a capacity of 34 GBPS. The hospital would also set up two servers with 50

GBPS capacity each.

The ultimate aim of the hospital is to get all its processes online and rollout
its telemedicine initiative. The vision envisages setting up of nodal centers,

which could be affiliates of AIIMS or any other center interested in

participating in the process.

Through telemedicine, experts from the Institute would provide online
consultations. This would help in screening outstation patients so that the

Institute becomes only a referral center and not be burdened with the task of

treating regular diseases.