Will AI Put HR Managers Out of Work!

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AI is among the most talked technologies in the current time. It is being implemented at various places, including our smartphone to our work life where we are getting a whole lot of benefits. It is helping us in many ways including the hiring process.

While talking to Abhijit Kashyape, Co-Founder & CEO, Monjin we get to know more about the AI usage and how it’s helping to HR managers.

How artificial intelligence (AI) impacting the HR practices?

The global economy is continuously undergoing massive disruption because of a number of social, technological, environmental and political factors which is affecting both social and professional lives. Not only is the day-to-day work of employees and the tools evolving, but at the same time, the entire organization processes are undergoing a change.

Automation is radically changing the DNA of the organization and has brought about a daunting challenge for the HR industry which along with many other internal and external departments depends on a plethora of processes to get the work done. The HR industry should engage technologies to deliver consistent process execution and excellent customer services.

The ever-evolving HR sector needs to carefully analyze the strategic impact of technology as it can create jobs as well as replace them. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), companies are reshaping the way they manage their workforce and make HR plans, thereby increasing productivity and employee engagement.

How AI can be implemented to reduce the hiring efforts and save the time of HR persons?

Recruitment as a career is the epitome of the phrase “trying to find a needle in a haystack”. Although India is still at the beginning stages of adoption of IT, Artificial Intelligence is creating a wave in recruitment in India. Artificial intelligence has been reforming our lives for decades. In fact, AI is affecting human life on all kinds of levels varying from the automation of tedious, time-consuming tasks, the augmentation of human capabilities to amplification of human functions.

AI is currently used to automate routine tasks. This includes the process of data collection, automating schedules, payroll, retrieving information, arranging tax documents, and other administrative tasks. More evolved systems like Monjin can also go a step further and help with interviews and assessments.

What is the future of AI in HR practices?

AI technology will not put HR managers and staff out of work but rather promises to transform HR departments.  AI has that potential to revolutionize critical HR responsibilities, such as evaluation, performance rating and recruiting performance. With the usage of such advanced technologies, Artificial Intelligence will only free up the HR department to channelize their energies into a different paradigm thus transforming the HR department into strategic consultants. So, instead of the mundane routine of collecting candidate data and organizing it, A.I will streamline those processes thus helping the HR departments to partner with other departments that require support and regular guidance.

How is Monjin ensuring security for data being created using your platform for interviews?

Monjin’s complete operations including sales, operations, content, technology, HR, Finance, Administration are ISO27001: 2013 certified for information security management system
Key security controls implemented by Monjin to protect personal data are:

• Tenant data isolation

• Encryption of PII and sensitive data (at Storage and in Transit)

• Masking of PII and sensitive data in the database

• Shared access signature

• Row-level security within the database

• Role-based access control

• Microsoft Azure Active Directory

• Continuous control monitoring (vulnerability assessment and penetration testing at each stage of SDLC)

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