AgilOne Data reveals men are bigger shoppers than women

New Update

MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA: AgilOne, the cloud-based predictive marketing company, announced that the company looked at the buying behaviors of men and women and found that men shop more than women and have a higher overall customer lifetime value.


AgilOne aggregated the data from more than 1 million men and women who purchased items from gift and variety sites. An approximately equal number of men and women were evaluated.

AgilOne's findings regarding men's and women's shopping habits are as follows:

* Men have a 24 percent higher lifetime value than women because they shop more often and have larger transactions.

* Men are twice as likely to buy using rewards points than women.

* Men are slightly more expensive to service with margins for men being 4 percent lower than women.

* Men are slightly more likely to buy across multiple product categories (for example, socks, pants and watches rather than buying only pants).

* Men are slightly more likely to buy from Amazon rather than from a brand or specialized retailer's site directly.

"This data tells us that retailers need to market to men and women differently," said Omer Artun, CEO of AgilOne.

"For example, retailers should be sure to offer rewards points to their male customers, and specialized brands should focus their efforts on retaining female customers. By segmenting buyers into groups, whether it's by gender, geography, or product preferences, retailers can better understand buying patterns so they can anticipate a customer's next move. Bottom line, predictive analytics is the key to being a more effective marketer."