Movers and Packers Guide: Aggregation offers a secure environment to consumers

Avinash Raghav, Co-Founder and MD, Shift Freight notes a Movers and Packers Guide: Aggregation offers a secure environment to consumers.

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Movers and Packers Guide: Aggregation offers a secure environment to consumers

When you need to hire a cab, do you dial every driver you know in your vicinity or listed on Google? Or do you prefer logging into one app to get multiple taxi options at your disposal? There’s little doubt that any wise mind will go for the latter. Just like for cab or hotel bookings, this stands true even when you are on the lookout for movers and packers to suffice your relocation needs. The shifting business has always been considered a pretty disorganised and scattered domain. The sector has, however, witnessed a remarkable shift concerning modus operandi in the recent past; all thanks to the advent of new-age movers and packers aggregators.


While ease of booking is certainly the most apparent and significant benefits of the aggregators in the shifting or relocation industry, there are multiple levels at which these players are making the sector more robust, organised as well as secure. To start with, the aggregators in the shifting business ensure the most competitive pricing, as several vendors or partners are vying to procure each consignment. The customers get to be the king here as they are bound to get nothing but the best price points to choose from. There is little or no possibility of the consumer getting duped at any point concerning the expenditure that is incurred.

Besides, the aggregators enable on-call inventory management, which is completely contactless; hence, most suitable amid the prevailing scenario. From inventory assessment to pricing to booking, everything can be done by the consumers as well as movers and packers from the comfort of their homes or offices. As a matter of fact, AI plays a significant role here concerning the customisation of inventory.

The aggregators are further ensuring a completely secure environment, especially for the consumers. They have enabled consumers’ access to 24x7 customer service systems. In fact, we at Shift Freight introduced a dedicated customer manager for each consumer who is the point of contact on behalf of end consumers from booking till the last-mile delivery, and even during travel or unpacking.


Packing and moving is a humongous task wherein you can’t have the luxury of not allowing people to enter your homes. It is extremely crucial to ensure that the staff/individuals who come for the task are well trained and adhere strictly to hygiene and social distancing norms. This is where the aggregators come into play, as the onus lies on them to make sure that there’s proper sanitization of vehicles, packing materials and staff members are trained enough to stick to all covid-related protocols.

The other most significant contribution of aggregators in the movers and packers industry is concerning live tracking and update of movement at every stage. Also, an aggregator would ensure that you have the best possible insurance service options to choose from your inventory.

The key for aggregators here is technology, which acts as a facilitator whether it is about integrating varied services to solve the clutter or offering an easy interface and instant solution to customer requests. With the right use of technology, the aggregators are not merely offering the best services in the segment, but also mobilizing the labourers in the market by introducing new employment avenues for them. We can further not deny that on-demand aggregators and marketplaces have ushered in a remarkable shift in consumer expectations, security, convenience and speed.

The author of the article is Avinash Raghav, Co-Founder & MD, Shift Freight.

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