Agentry 5.0 supports UNIX, Linux, 64-bit Windows

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HOFFMAN ESTATES, USA: Syclo, a leading provider of software that extends enterprise systems to mobile devices, announced that its Agentry 5.0 Server software is now compatible with UNIX, Linux and 64-bit Windows.


Designed to deliver more data faster, the UNIX/Linux and 64-bit Windows additions will allow Syclo customers to support more than 20 times the number of simultaneous users and transactions on comparable hardware.

UNIX/Linux servers are renowned for their stability and scalability, and many of today’s leading companies choose them to power their mission-critical applications. Until now, however, few mobile application vendors have designed solutions to be truly enterprise-grade in their processing capabilities, in the past, mobile solutions often ran into operating system limitations with memory-intensive applications.

Syclo’s migration of the Agentry application server to UNIX/Linux hardware lifts these memory constraints, resulting in much more scalable solutions. In Syclo’s initial testing, a Linux server with 32GB of RAM was able to handle more than 20 times the transactional throughput of a 32-bit Windows server with a similar hardware configuration.


“With Agentry 5.0, scalability is a function of the hardware CPU and RAM rather than an operating system limitation,” said Paul Chiapuris, Syclo’s Executive Vice President of Software Engineering. “Our customers now have the flexibility to choose among OS and hardware combinations that align with their overall IT strategy. Agentry 5.0 gives them that flexibility by being both Windows- and Linux Standard Base (LSB)-compliant and supporting several Linux varieties, including Red Hat, Sun’s Solaris, IBM’s AIX and Novell’s openSUSE.”

Also included with the Agentry 5.0 release are enhancements to the Agentry Server Administration Agent that provide for remote administration of the Agentry Server: modifying parameters, turning system monitors on and off, and accessing user-specific information can now all be done remotely.

UNIX, Linux and 64-bit Windows server support will be generally available with Agentry 5.0 at the Syclo Mobile Conference on September 17.