After mass layoffs, Byju's Trims Office Space in Bengaluru

After mass layoffs, Byju's Trims Office Space in Bengaluru. The decision comes as the company seeks to streamline its operations and meet the challenges.

Manisha Sharma
New Update

Following a series of massive layoffs, BYJU'S, India's prominent educational technology company, has taken a strategic step to optimize costs by reducing office space in Bengaluru. The decision comes as the company seeks to streamline its operations and meet the challenges of a post-pandemic economic scenario.


Founded by Byju Raveendran in 2011, Byju's quickly rose to prominence as one of India's leading edtech startups, offering interactive and engaging digital learning solutions to students nationwide. Over the years, the company has secured significant funding and significantly expanded its user base. However, like many other companies during the pandemic, Byju's also faced unprecedented challenges.

Byju's has three office spaces in Bengaluru. One space is Kalyani Tech Park which spans 5.58 lakh square feet and was leased by Byju for a monthly rent of Rs 2.9 crore. The company has leased space in two buildings in the tech park, but according to the reports, Byju's has vacated office space in Kalyani Tech Park. In addition, the company vacated part of another office space in Prestige Tech Park to reduce costs and shore up liquidity amid delayed funding. The company has asked employees to work from its other facilities or homes from July 23 onwards.

To optimize costs and adapt to new requirements, Byju’s management has made the difficult decision to reduce office space in Bangalore. The goal of this move is to improve operational efficiency while providing a more focused and productive environment for the remaining employees.


Last month, BYJU came under the scrutiny of the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) for failing to pay PF contributions. Several former employees of edtech unicorn Byju's was accused of not paying the PF contribution from their salary to the EPF account.

"Byju's has over 3 million square feet of rented spaces across the country to support its requirements. Expansion and reduction in office space are based on changes in working policies and business priorities which are very regular and are aimed at boosting operational efficiencies," According to a spokesperson for Byju's.

BYJU also laid off more than 1,000 employees last month as part of another cost-cutting initiative. On July 22, at an emergency meeting at City Hall attended by more than 5,000 BYJU Tuition Center (BTC) employees, the Ed-tech company agreed to provide employees with variable pay and other incentives. He also promised not to lay off any BTC employees.


Overall, BYJU's decision to reduce office space in Bengaluru due to the massive layoffs marks a significant shift in the company's operational strategy. The move reflects the challenging economic landscape and highlights the impact of the layoffs on the overall structure of the organization. By reducing office space, the company strives to optimize costs and adapt to the changing business environment, demonstrating its commitment to flexibility and sustainable development.