Advertising technology company Ozone Media is now Adadyn

Advertising technology company Ozone Media

Rashi Varshney
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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Ozone Media, an advertising technology company, has rebranded to ‘Adadyn’ to better reflect the launch of its new technology platform.


Geared toward simplifying the marketing technology ecosystem for mid-size advertisers and agencies, Adadyn removes the barriers of entry into programmatic and works with all size companies in the ad world to empower those with smaller ad budgets to achieve more relevant, transparent, and targeted ads – once out of reach. Adadyn’s end-to-end, cost-effective platform offers flexible ad campaign management, creative personalization, retargeting, and payment options that scale — granting the ability to increase or decrease spend as business needs change.

This launch comes during a time of rapid growth, as the company has experienced four times revenue growth in the past year. Already the largest programmatic advertising player in the APAC region, Adadyn brings many years of collective international adtech, retail, ecommerce experience and is strengthening its foothold in the U.S. market with 75 percent of its 2014 revenue coming from the U.S, the company claims in its statement.

How the Mid-Market Benefits


By partnering with a number of leading ad tech solution providers in the ecosystem, like fraud and malware protection agencies, DSPs and SSPs, trading desks, and more, Adadyn makes it possible for mid-sized advertisers to achieve more with any size marketing budget.

Companies like Programmatic Mechanics, an independent trading desk, are optimistic in working with Adadyn to bring a clean, powerful and competitive dynamic creative offering to market.

“The flexible platform combined with a responsive and talented team is exactly what we look for in our technology partners,” said Keith Gooberman, CEO, Programmatic Mechanics.


While the Adadyn platform offering is end-to-end, agencies, advertisers, and the like can also leverage its “à la carte” service for those who may not yet need nor want the whole platform, but just elements of it. What’s more, budgets under $5,000 or over $20,000 can benefit — with no set up fees or minimums, Adadyn puts the marketer in control and allows the user to set the budget.

“This rebranding will be a milestone for our company and a benchmark for the ad industry. The ad world is at an interesting turning point where emerging programmatic advertising solutions are now empowering the mid-market community to have more reach and targeting power than ever before,” said Kiran Gopinath, Founder & CEO, Ozone Media.

“In further developing our platform and programmatic solutions, we are making ad technology available to those with more conservative budgets," Gopinath added.


Features & Functionality

Adadyn’s new self-managed platform grants users affordable access to programmatic inventory and the ability to build a variety of customized dynamic digital creatives that correspond with specific actions in the purchase cycle.

This customization, coupled with Adadyn’s robust first-party data, enables more relevant targeting with contextually pertinent ads to accurately reach the intended audience across all screens and devices. Advertisers and agencies can utilize their own data in addition to Adadyn’s data and technology, which sparks algorithmic bid optimization and real-time decision making to further engage customers.

With clients spread throughout North America, the Middle East, APAC, and India, Adadyn has a global reach and outlook. The company has offices in California and India.