Advance Stress Management techniques for Business Owners and CEOs

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Stress Management techniques

With great power comes great responsibility. Who knows this feeling better than our present-dayBusiness Owners and CEOs who must solve a million and a half problems, all before breakfast sometimes. From overseeing finance, logistics, marketing to making sure that every cog in the corporate wheel is well oiled and running smoothly, a Business Owner or CEOs job never ends. Add to that, the pressure of staying ahead of the curve and thinking of innovating ways of keeping your business forward. A Business Owner or CEOs concentration and thought process can be blocked by stress and anxiety.


Sometimes this stress also triggers habits like smoking, alcoholism and even drug addiction which may cause havoc in one’s life. It is also observed a lot of times that since there is no work life balance the personal relationships suffers and can have a very long-term impact on one’s mind. Inability to cope with such a situation often leads to depression and other serious health issues like Brain Stroke, Cardio Vascular diseases or lifestyle diseases like diabetes.

Abhiit Manoharr, Omsharnam Abhiit Manoharr, Omsharnam

Imagine when you were in a stuck in a tough situation. See what you saw then, hear what you heard then and feel what you felt in that situation. Such stress can impact not only your day to day decisions but your long-term financial and health goals. Now how would you feel if there is a quick solution to this stress and anxiety.


Abhiit, who has more than a decade of experience working for a leading FMCG company, says that he came up with the idea for Rapid Rejuvenation Technique (RRT) while dealing with the never-ending stress that accompanies any corporate jobs. “I looked around my colleagues and myself and were all working 14-hour workdays and had no concept of work-life balance, that’s no way to live. Not only can stress at the workplace be unhealthy and unproductive it can lead to various health issues like heart disease, hypertension and depression. The Rapid Rejuvenation Technique (RRT), is a blend of Guided Meditation, Hypnotherapy and State Shifting techniques.

It starts from going “Back to basics” and identifying the very core of the issue, there are few sessions in which the issue is dealt with after putting the person through progressive relaxation, enhancing the power of subconscious mind and heightening awareness. In this state of awareness, a person may see aspects of the issue that he or she might have never thought of earlier. Not only the aspects of the issue but resources available also become clear to achieve the best possible outcome.

Every individual is unique and so is the solution, by the end of a few sessions the stress is alleviated, and meditative state is heightened. The person is trained how to invoke this state of bliss and calmness quickly and this act as a counter to stress. So, whenever there is a stressful situation next the person gets empowered to quickly change his state and be in control of the situation.


This technique goes even a level deeper and goal-oriented plan with clear strategy are devised for business goals (e.g. Profit or turnover driven), personal health goals (e.g. Smoking Cessation) and ecology goals (e.g. Relationship building).

The aim is to cover all aspects of Holistic Wellness. The mind, body and soul are synchronised to deliver an impactful strategic thinking and control over any situation to keep a business owner or CEO ahead in his or her field.

By Abhiit Manoharr, Omsharnam