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SAN JOSE, CALIF.: Adobe Systems Incorporated, today announced an update to the Adobe Scene7 hosted cross media platform with new features for e-commerce and multichannel marketing companies to create high-impact customer experiences.


With this update Adobe Scene7 offers more design control and enhanced workflow efficiencies with new features such as mixed media set publishing and viewing capabilities; video authoring and viewing capabilities that synchronize merchandising videos with specific call-to-action links.

The update also offers improved integration with Adobe Creative Suite tools including Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe InDesign CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS4 for designing Web-based templates, said a press release.

“To compete successfully in today’s multi-channel selling environment it is critical to create a cross-media experience that captures the customer’s attention and drives business,” said Doug Mack, vice president of consumer and hosted solutions at Adobe.


He added, “This update further extends the Adobe Scene7 platform’s global leadership position and helps our customers differentiate their brands with more engaging experiences.”

The new mixed media set publishing and viewing feature allows non-technical users to upload, build, publish and serve combinations of dynamic media such as video sets, images (color swatches and multiple views), 360-degree spin sets and audio.

This enhancement also supports community sharing with copy URL, embed code and link to site capabilities so that customers can easily share rich experiences with others using social networking, social news or social bookmarking sites, the release said.

The new video authoring capabilities provide design control by enabling users to build interactivity into videos.

Users can now automate video set building and choose from a selection of extended viewer options, including standard, grid and carousel layouts. In addition, users can add video hotspots to any clip, caption and graphic overlay to display formatted tooltips on rollover. Hyperlinks can also be added to tie together merchandizing videos with call-to-action links to purchase or more relevant information.

The Adobe Scene7 platform update is available in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. Pricing is tiered based on customer needs, added the release.