Adfun App now available in the App store and Google Play

New Update

GARDEN GROVE, USA: Adfun Inc. announces the launch of 'Adfun', a new free mobile app giving users the opportunity to win free prizes while socializing with friends.


Adfun is designed as an interactive, cross platform application built to foster a community of users who can be engaged with sponsored advertisements and win prizes in the process. The Adfun formula is simple: users watch advertisements, earn bidding currency, and enter into prize auctions to win prizes together.

In an increasingly cluttered ad market, Adfun offers not only a material incentive to users, but also a viewership community that encourages team collaboration and entertainment. Adfun's Billboard function allows users to broadcast their favorite advertisements for their friends to watch and enjoy.

Users are also able to communicate quickly and efficiently with Team Auction members using Adfun's Team Chat. With implementation of cooperative gameplay, Adfun gives users the opportunity to establish a community to have fun with.


Adfun's auction system works to level the playing field and create excitement with the potential of any user winning. In order to win prizes, users must make the highest unique bid, thus each auction is not time dependent and instead requires strategic bid placements. These unique auction mechanics allow every user the chance to win with any bid amount they place making Adfun an all-inclusive game suitable for all ages.

Adfun's strength lies in its appeal to a wide range of age groups and demographics. The prizes offered by Adfun span from brand name women's cosmetics and accessories, to the latest technological gadgets making Adfun a coveted opportunity to win relatable prizes.

The Adfun App also gives users control over their Adfun experience by allowing users to 'Wish' on certain items to be chosen as potential prizes. "We just wanted to create an atmosphere where users can have the most fun," said Adfun President Nowon Park. "We hope that Adfun will grow to become a place for social interaction and consumer engagement just as much as winning prizes."

Adfun is currently free in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.