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Social media is a powerful tool to connect and engage with audiences. And above all the social media platforms, Twitter is recognized as a podium to sell your brand, products or even thoughts. A place where you are given only 140 words to express yourself. Many Indian CEOs have taken that chance, to be criticized, to be praised, or to criticize to boast.


Many Indian CEOs have taken the chance, to voice out their opinions - to be criticized, to be praised, to boast.

So, here comes a list of the most active Indian CEOs on Twitter:

Anand Mahindra


Recently was in news as he shut down a fountain outside his Mumbai office after someone tweeted to him about it in light of Maharashtra drought

Mahindra group boss


Harsh Goenka - RPG group boss.

Crazy mofo, tweets like an opinionated teenager.


Uday Kotak

CEO Kotak Mahindra


The active guy generally sticks to his domain. Makes astute observations like in his above tweet

Ronnie Screwala Disney India, UTV, Hungama and much more


Nowadays mostly talks about books and things to inspire entrepreneurs…trying to pimp his books. But generally, a good source to get blockbuster trailers first

Nandan Nilekani - Infosys co-founder, Aadhar boss


Hyperactive for someone with his profile. Talks a lot about policy issues etc

CP Gurnani - Tech Mahindra, CEO

Fairly active, but sticks to his business domains when tweeting.

Rajan Anandan - Google India boss

The patron saint of Indian start-up Janata. Amongst the most prolific seed funders. Great guy, straight talker

Sachin Bansal - Flipkart founder

Chief cheerleader for Flipkart routinely pisses people off with his tweets

Kunal Shah - Freecharge founder

Insanely prolific, can talk about anything. Routinely participates in general conversations, darling of Indian entrepreneurs

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