Achieve Business Speed and Customer Delight with Low Code Digital Automation Platform

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What matters the most to every modern enterprise is customer. Today, digital customers demand a great experience at every step of their journey with an organization. And, delivering a superior customer experience requires enterprises, like yours, to be agile and connected. The translation of business requirements to business applications can be a time-consuming task.

Low Code Digital Automation Platform is the Answer!

Enterprises need to embrace a holistic platform-based approach that can cater to enterprise-wide business requirements. The solution lies in a digital automation platform with low code development and deployment capability that:

Bridges silos with context (processes, content, and communication) and solves for dynamic business needs
Reduces the translation effort from the business requirement to the business application, through modeling-driven point-and-click application development
Automates simple department functions to complex enterprise-wide processes with equal dexterity and ease

A digital automation platform with low code capability enhances business speed, improves productivity, and thereby ensures a great customer experience. Here’s how:

Enables citizen development

Businesses often require situational and supportive applications. And, such applications cannot always wait for full-fledged pro-level programming. That’s when a low code digital platform comes to rescue. It enables your citizen developers to create applications in a hassle-free manner without requiring professional coding skills.

Ensures better utilization of IT resources

As the platform is equipped with low code as one of its prime capabilities, the automation part becomes extremely smooth. And, this way IT teams have enough bandwidth for new, more value-add business initiatives.

Enables, even catalyzes, change

Many applications outgrow themselves over time with external demands and changing market dynamics. Here’s when a digital platform, yet again facilitates change with traceability, ensuring long term sustainability of your business applications.

Prevents shadow IT

Organizations cannot afford the proliferation of applications without the requisite level of IT governance. It’s critical not only from the point of sustainability of such applications but also from the point of view of information security and enterprise integration of processes. A centralized low code platform provides you such governance capability and guardrails (set by IT), without hindering innovation.

Supports development of business-critical applications

A low code platform helps in developing a variety of business-critical applications (small as well as large) quickly on a single platform.

To deliver on the promise of achieving business speed with low code, enterprises must look for certain capabilities in a digital automation platform:

Model-driven environment for designing end-to-end processes (simple or complex) through drag-and-drop and point-and-click configuration

Business process management capabilities (across development, execution, monitoring, administration, and optimization), along with seamless integration with robotic process automation for the last-mile process automation in the context

Business rules management system, with the ability to decouple business rules and plug them into the process and application logic, for flexibility and speed

Enterprise content management for digitizing documents and content (of various forms)

Multi-experience low code development for creating mobile and web/desktop versions of the applications in the same process

Built-in mechanisms to address various user interface functionalities, such as work-list queues, task lists, calendars, dashboards, search, social collaboration tools, for great customer experience

Ease of integration through ready-to-use adapters, along with the ability to perform complex integration to legacy systems through pro-grade development, if needed

Ability to engage with customers (internal as well as external) through a built-in communication framework for a smooth and delightful customer journey

Intelligent reporting and analytics supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies

Summing up

In the era of digital, when speed cannot be overlooked, it is important to ensure that your efforts are aligned to bring the right transformative changes. Instead of relying on piecemeal applications, which are rigid in nature and can only solve for specific business requirements, it’s time to embrace a unified digital automation platform with low code capability.

A platform that can easily develop applications for automating simple to complex solutions while bringing together your people, processes, systems, and things in a seamless manner.

   Hemant Makhija, VP – Marketing, Newgen Software

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