Acer bets on e-key for market share

CIOL Bureau
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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Acer is betting big on its patented e-key features for increasing its market share. Talking to CyberMedia News here, on the sidelines of its new products offering S Rajendran, general manager of Acer India (P) Ltd., said that the patented e-key or empowering technology will be offered on all of its products starting August this year.


“Acer is tailoring its notebook design and functionality for consumer and commercial market needs. At present, we have a market share of 5.8 per cent in the notebooks segment in India and believe that with the new patented e-key technology and the new design features will increase our market share,” he said.

Acer's Empowering Technology comes with a highly intuitive user interface that hosts frequently used settings by pressing the Empowering Key or the e-key. The patented-technology allows users to access hardware and software solutions, by just pressing the ‘e-key’ to launch a host of in-built services.

The e-key consists a suite of offerings, which includes eDataSecurity Management that encrypts files to prevent unauthorized access, eLock Management that secures removable data and optical drives for maximum data protection and ePerformance Management which maximizes system memory use and application response times


Other features also include eRecovery Management creates backups and recovers system configurations reliably, eSettings Management makes selecting system settings easy, and eNet Management hooks up to location-based networks. The e-key also offers ePresentation Management that simplifies resolution settings when connecting to a projector.

The significant aspect of the e-key technology is ePower Management, by which users can select from four pre-defined power schemes that reflect the most common battery usage scenarios, such as entertainment, presentation, word processing by maximizing battery life.

Apart from the e-key features, Acer also plans to empower its notebooks with QuicCharge technology, which intelligently monitors battery performance, output voltage and temperature for enhanced reliability and safety. Acer GridVista desktop organizer, a software tool to clean-up the desktop, reducing screen clutter and saving tome and effort is also likely to be added in the future offerings.

Elaborating further on the company’s design strategy, W S Mukund, managing director of Acer India said that the Acer’s design team has worked with BMW DesignworksUSA to study design trends, develop the concept and visualize new forms. “We found that the three most important design features from a consumer’s perspective were color and material, branding and naming, and shape treatment. We have incorporated the focus-group study findings in our new offerings of Gemstone and ProFile,” he said.

“Combined with the new design features along with the Acer patented e-key technology offering, we aim at shipping 150, 000 notebook units this year as against 87, 000 last year,” Mukund added.