Acer to take 3D experience on to desktop

CIOL Bureau
New Update

NEW DELHI, INDIA: PC maker Acer, which last week launched 3D notebook in India, has plans to take 3D computing on to desktop level in the first quarter of 2010.


“We are taking off with a new technology being brought in Indian market much ahead of competition. In a quarter’s time, we may come up with high-end TFT monitors that will have multi-touch technology. Rest of the technology will be the same as we have in our notebooks. Only we have to work on display side,” said S Rajendran, CMO, Acer India, in an interaction with CIOL.

Acer India claims that it sells 40,000 notebooks and 40,000 desktop every month. Recently it has seen surge in demand for its standalone TFT monitors from assemblers.

“In the last quarter we have shipped an average of 70,000 TFT monitors per month. Close to 40 per cent of these TFTs were of 18.5 inch model,” said Rajendran.


Acer India has launched 5738D 3D notebooks for Indian market with price range starting from Rs 43,500. The 3D-enabled 5738D is a three-pillar system that relies upon a 3D film coating on the display, polarizing glasses and bespoke software to display videos, games and photos in 3D. It has Real-time 2D-to-3D playback convert technology that enables the viewing of any video, DVDs, pictures and games in a virtual 3D mode.

Till date it has already shipped over 1500 units of these notebooks in the market. By the second half of 2010, Rajendran expects that 3D technology in the market will become mainstream and Acer’s 3D-enabled notebooks that the company has introduced will be 10 per cent of its total shipment at that time.

“At the time, other companies don’t have product to announce but in the next two quarters, there may be some who will come up with this kind of products. By this time, when we exit from first half, I believe that this category should contribute to 10 per cent of our overall shipment,” said Rajendran.