Accenture Launches myNav, Cloud Platform to accelerate business transformation

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Accenture launched myNav, a cloud platform that helps organizations design and simulate different cloud solutions to identify the ones that best fit their specific business requirements.


Identifying the right cloud solution can be complicated, as there are multiple cloud providers and cloud models, including public, private, multi and hybrid. Further, many companies spend significant time and money migrating applications and data centers to the cloud only to find that the applications don’t always operate optimally. Accenture research shows that nearly two-thirds of companies are not seeing the expected benefits from their cloud migration initiatives.

myNav evaluates multiple variables — including an organization’s technology infrastructure, applications, data, operational model and business outcomes — identifies the right solution for enterprises, then simulates it at scale to confirm its viability and refine the business case. By providing a customized roadmap, myNav enables organizations to maximize the return on their current and future cloud technology investments. For example, myNav recommends the application transformation approach for clients to accelerate their innovation in the cloud.

“We built myNav on our knowledge repository of more than 30,000 cloud projects and over 80 industry solutions deployed worldwide in nearly every industry,” said Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive of Accenture Technology Services. “myNav uses this repository to simulate optimal and scalable cloud architectures and solutions. By providing a more informed view and a calibrated cloud strategy for business transformation, myNav helps clients compete more effectively in today’s data-driven, cloud-enabled economy.”


Yugal Joshi, vice president at Everest Group, commented, “Enterprises need solutions to not only ease their initiatives of ‘migrate to and transform in’ the cloud but also bring certainty in their cloud journey. They are struggling in deriving value from the cloud as they are not able to deeply assess what will work for them. As multi-cloud strategies become increasingly important, enterprises will need to have better migration approaches to ensure RoI from cloud initiatives.”

“The key is to bring conviction in cloud adoption by learning from other adopters, leveraging advanced data insights, and creating contextualized cloud adoption strategies that can predict and guide what will work, what will not, and what are the changes needed for a transformative cloud journey,” added Joshi.

myNav provides a recommended cloud target through a three-step process:


           1.) Scanning and assessing the client’s existing infrastructure, application and data landscape and recommending the most appropriate cloud architecture and solution;

           2.) Using an automated artificial intelligence (AI) engine to interact with Accenture’s library of collective cloud expertise and recommend an enterprise architecture and solution; and

           3.) Simulating and testing the scaled-up model of the client’s recommended cloud solution to identify the value and help build the business case for an optimal solution for their business requirements.

Unique in the market, myNav is the only platform that enables organizations to discover, assess, design and simulate end-to-end cloud solutions at scale.

Accenture has supported cloud computing projects for 80% of the Fortune Global 100 across 68 countries and has trained more than 84,000 professionals on cloud technologies and architectures. The company has been innovating in cloud technology for a decade and holds more than 300 granted patents and pending applications across its global cloud portfolio.