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MUMBAI: Inter-connectivity is one of the biggest hurdles that organizations spread over multiple locations face. How to transmit data between different branches, and more importantly, how to do it efficiently?


Wide area networks (WANs) are fairly common nowadays from big banks to telecom companies, all connect their branch offices through it. But, the big question is whether the companies are able to take out all the benefits from WANs.

This was the topic that the CIOL seminar,  Application Acceleration Using Wide Area Data Services - The Road to Success, discussed recently in Mumbai. The event witnessed some path breaking technology discussions and demonstrations on ways of accelerating WANs.

Vivek Singh, regional director (India and SAARC), Riverbed, spoke at length on how different companies were grappling with the issue. The typical response of most companies faced by low bandwidth issues was either to increase the pipe or try and consolidate the data center. Either didn’t help much.


“According to a survey over 67 per cent of employees, work in a location other than the headquarter. In this globalized scenario, bandwidth connectivity can be extremely critical. Yet, what is promised is not necessarily the bandwidth speed that one gets and the main reasons behind this is latency and software chattiness,” Singh said.

He went on to talk about how Riverbed’s proprietary technology solved these two critical issues.

Prem Mishra, director – Technical, from Millennium Infotech, also spoke on the issue and gave a demonstration on how Riverbed helped in accelerating the network speed. Most of the attendees seem to be quite impressed by the demonstration and were seen seeking more details on the technology.

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