A simple tool to protect you from online scams

To protect people from online scams, the new Router Checker makes sure the settings on their computers, phones, and routers connects them to safe DNS servers

Soma Tah
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BANGALORE, INDIA: Internet users now have an easy-to-use tool to help prevent themselves from becoming part of an online scams. The one-button Router Checker, developed by F-Secure, checks people’s Internet set-ups to help protect them from having their web traffic misdirected to websites that can spread malware or steal their personal information.


Router Checker makes it easy to identify altered Internet settings that can let attackers manipulate what people see and do online. Attacks that change router or Internet settings are popular amongst hackers because it allows them to reach large numbers of people without being noticed.

According to F-Secure’s Labs, over 300,000 home or office routers were discovered to have altered settings in 2014, with each router potentially serving multiple computers, mobile phones and other devices.

“Attacks that target Internet settings often go unnoticed because they don’t really have obvious symptoms for people to pick up on. People will suddenly see more ads, or they’ll be misdirected to a dangerous website that looks and feels safe”, says F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan.


Attackers try to manipulate people’s online behavior by changing their Internet settings to direct their traffic through “rogue DNS servers”. DNS Servers help computers and other devices find each other on the Internet.

Attackers make money by setting up rogue servers to misdirect Internet users and connect them with websites that can contain fraudulent advertising, spread malware, or even trick them into revealing personal information.

The new Router Checker makes sure the settings on people’s computers, phones, and even their routers connects them to safe DNS servers chosen by users or their Internet service providers.

Sullivan recommends taking advantage of the tool by running it as part of a spring-cleaning routine or as a go-to solution if you think there’s a problem. Router Checker is free to use and available now at

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