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BANGALORE, INDIA: Here is a look at some of the hottest technology trends and innovations.


Web 2.0 Suicide Machine:- "Tired of your social network?" Liberate your newbie friends with a web 2.0 suicide! This machine lets you delete all your energy sucking social networking profiles, kills your fake virtual friends, and completely does away with your web 2.0 alter ego," says the new service thats doing the rounds in the web.

The site, was floated by a handful of geeks to kill ones social networking presence on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. The site is a project of Moddr, a Netherlands based media lab which started for the heck of it and now, after the big response, it is getting into the kind of service. It claims that more than 58,000 Facebookers and 200,000 Tweeters have committed online suicide till now.

A New Search Engine:- Claimed as the new pathbreaking search engine, TipTop and ITC Infotech have jointly launched a search engine tool for helping people find interesting and useful answers to their questions, filtered from conversations that are currently made on Twitter.


The company says that Twitter is only the first step in its overall vision for this technology. "TipTop solves a problem that users (consumers and enterprises) have encountered at some pointhow to cut through all the information thats available on the web and find whats useful to everyday life," says Shyam Kapur, president and CEO, TipTop.

Super Speed USB 3.0:- USB 2.0, when it came in early 2000, was seen as revolutionary as it ushered in data transfer speeds never seen before. It was seen as a significant update to the legacy USB 1.1 version. But now the time has come for USB 3.0 thats going to take data transfer between connected devices to PCs to unprecedented levels.

According to, it says that today devices require significantly more bus bandwidth to maintain the interactive experience users have come to expect. In addition, user applications demand a higher performance connection between the PC and the sophisticated peripherals. The new USB 3.0 promises speeds of up to 5 Gbpsa 10x performance boost as compared USB 2.0. The good thing is that its already out in the market!

Next Gen Display, OLED:- While netbooks took laptops to a new level, analysts expect bigger innovation in form factor in 2010 driven by technologies like Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED). One can see ultra slim laptops to TV display screens.

Samsung has already announced that it will start shipping OLED laptops by Q3, 2010 and a whole lot of devices, including hand-held gaming to mobile phones will sport OLED displays While its expensive right now, but it scores over LED and LCD on various counts, like its thinner, more flexible and also does not require glass or to be back lit. It also promises wider views and more clarity in diverse light conditions.