A Google Doodle for NASA’s Juno’s successful entry into Jupiter orbit

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CIOL A Google Doodle for NASA’s Juno’s successful entry into Jupiter orbit

When NASA’s Juno spacecraft successfully entered the Jupiter’s orbit,earlier this morning after completing a 35-minute engine burn, it was followed by wild cheering at NASA’s mission control in Pasadena, California.


Google chose to commemorate the momentous occasion in its signature style - a simple, yet interactive Google Doodle on its homepage, of course.

The doodle is designed using pixel art and shows Juno transmitting its successful entry into Jupiter’s orbit back to NASA’s mission control.


NASA immediately tweeted about Juno’s entry into Jupiter’s orbit along with a short video clip of the celebrations at mission control. Juno’s official Twitter account too confirmed the entry with a tweet — ” Engine burn complete and orbit obtained. I’m ready to unlock all your secrets, #Jupiter. Deal with it.”

Juno is a football-sized spacecraft that was launched by NASA five years ago. Its mission is to analyze Jupiter’s magnetic and gravitational fields, and interior structure using nine instruments onboard.

Scientists believe the giant planet holds clues about how our world was formed some four-and-a-half-billion years ago.

Jupiter is among the most radiated planets and its radiation belts are capable of destroying unprotected electronics. But the 3,500 pound Juno is built like a tank using titanium shields that is capable of withstanding falling rocks, extreme radiation and weather as well.

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