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BANGALORE: today introduced their new “Always On-Call Support” service, bringing desktop Linux to a new level of customer service and exceeding traditional support offerings.

Advertisment's Always On-Call Support offers toll-free 800 number assistance to LindowsOS customers at any time, day or night, without per-call or per-incident charges. LindowsOS users may now order this new service and immediately call the toll-free support line. Always On-Call Support subscribers have world-wide access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to knowledgeable representatives who are committed to quickly resolving LindowsOS customer care or technical support issues.

“Always On-Call Support, with its competitive pricing and high-level of support, is the safety-net that many have been waiting for before adopting Linux,” stated Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of, Inc. “It's this type of dedicated, hassle-free service that will propel widespread adoption of Linux on the desktop, especially in corporate environments”

“We're in a unique position because of the stability and ease-of-use of LindowsOS, to be able to offer such an amazing service,” said Randy Linnell, director of customer satisfaction of, Inc. “It definitely would not have been possible to offer this level of support for such an unheard of price, if it weren't for the reliability of Linux and LindowsOS.”

LindowsOS 4.O is an affordable operating system that aims to delivers the power, stability and cost-savings of Linux with the ease of a windows environment. LindowsOS 4.0 is sold individually at retail and bundled with a variety of hardware configurations.