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HYDERABAD: Circa 2003. What does a CIO want? Most would say larger budgets

and reducing TCO. Recent times have seen an increase in the IT

infrastructure-spend for most organisations becoming fairly routine and

companies vying to better each other in reducing TCO of enterprise software. But

according to CEO and founder of Cendura Corporation Pavan Nigam, what a CIO

wants today is a reliable blueprint for managing and supporting distributed

applications across the enterprise.


“Managing complex distributed applications across large enterprises without

a blueprint is like landing in an unfamiliar city without a map,” said Nigam.

Cendura’s enterprise wide, distributed applications management solution

Cohesion helps control a company’s applications management costs and increase

its applications uptime. According to Nigam, the product detects installed

software components, including custom software modules and builds a

comprehensive application blueprint. Encapsulating industry best practices,

documentation and dependencies all folded seamlessly into the blueprint

structure further enhances this blueprint.

Application blueprints enables development, operations and support teams to

see how an application is structured, distributed and configured. “This helps

in drastic time-reduction in identifying and resolving application failures. At

times from days to minutes,” he said explaining that accelerating

troubleshooting is critical to most organisations.

Nigam who co-founded Cendura with Tom Speeter is determined to make Cohesion

a blueprint standard across the industry. A daunting aim, however, Nigam is

optimistic. “We envisioned Cendura as a global company and in 2002 started the

India office simultaneously with the parent company in Mountain View,

California,” he said and added, “now Cendura is in mode expansion.”


According to Nigam, the company’s fully owned Indian subsidiary Cendura

Software Pvt Ltd, which is based in Hyderabad and where the product development

happens, will double its strength from the present 30 and the operations will

move to a new facility. The company which raised $ eight million in its first

round of funding is running the second version of its product Cohesion and plans

to invest $10 million in its India facility in 2004.

“The new facility will have hi-tech testing labs,” said Nigam who is

looking forward to building additional functionalities as add on modules on top

of its blueprint. “We will release the first such module by March 2004,” he


Cendura counts Verisign, Homestore and Planetasia as its customers. Nigam
emphasized that the product is meant for all verticals though some like

financial services and automobile industry have been more receptive to it.

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