7 Leftover Qs from the Apple iPhone 6s Party

The talk and gossip had moved beyond that new tablet, iPhone 6S, watch or long queues. Here's what leaves people wondering

Pratima Harigunani
New Update

USA: The big feisty Apple event now over and all the surprise-surprise announcements done and dusted with, we can take time to ponder over what industry watchers are observing when it comes to Apple's foothold in the overall industry.


1. Would Apple TV and the new TV OS start the fundamentals of a new market for technology in the living rooms? More importantly, would this be well-timed given what biggies like Google and Amazon have been up to?

2. Iphone 6S! Ah or Hmm? Analysts are not really too gung-ho about a massive upgrade wave that usually arrives on the heels of every new version from Apple. The touch innovation notwithstanding, there is not enough push for consumers to jump into a long queue again. After all, Samsung and Microsoft have been busy upping the ante and when subsidy from carriers gets taken off, the real price-hit can be felt in the consumer's pockets.

3.  As per Argus Insights, US smartphone demand in Q2 was down eight per cent vis a vis June 2014 and that consumer demand and interest has been falling off significantly. What if the smartphone market has indeed hit a saturation point? Signs of things to come?


4. Is Apple's reputation of innovation going to be relegated to 'incremental' innovation as recent launches display? Fringes vs market-breakthrough? Specially as mature products and deep market share keeps bringing in annuity revenues.

5. Would Apple's 3D touch move stir up competition and developer-space when it comes to how many and how applications are designed? Experts are noting that Apple Watch's peek and pop search capabilities can upset the app-cart. The new touch strengths around pressure as well as position detection may change the way we have gotten used to application interaction and the good-old Google search.

6.  Now that Apple has brought in upgrades to its smartphone line, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, along with upgrades to the chips and cameras inside, would it be able to shake off what Samsung and Chinese vendors have been gaining in markets like India?

7. The Pro addition to tablet range may be aimed at usurping Microsoft's moves with Surface. As predicted by analysts, if by 2018, 25 per cent of large organizations could have an explicit strategy to make their corporate computing environment similar to a consumer computing experience, would the lines blur further between personal computing and productivity computing?

Overall, will Apple continue to surprise consumers and competitors alike, or would it dig deeper in the couch of complacence and just keep leveraging the platform empire that it has created - is something that we should know by the next big Apple party for sure.

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