69 pc of employees willing to take a pay cut

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LONDON, UK: According to Simply Hired, largest job search engine, more than two thirds of UK employees would be willing to take a pay cut to avoid redundancy.


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The poll highlights that 37  per cent of respondents cited fear that they would not be able to find a new job as the reason to accept a pay cut, whilst 32 per cent would be willing to take a pay cut if it would also help their colleagues keep their jobs.

29 per cent of respondents would not take a pay cut, believing that they could find a new job that would pay their worth.


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When asked how the recession has impacted salary brackets, 85 per cent of job seekers agreed that employees are paid less due to increased competition. Only 6 per cent believe their salary bracket is higher because they are now more valuable. 7 per cent think the recession has had no impact.

Sachin Shah, director of International at, commented: “The recession has left many employees questioning their worth; however it is clear that employers have more options to keep business productive and employee morale uplifted without having to go through the extremities of a redundancy.


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Shah added, “Those who are looking to continue their career progression must remember that preparation is key. Researching their industry and salary bracket for their desired job role to be aware of what they might expect from potential employers is a great way for candidates to show they are both ambitious and realistic.”

The poll also found that nearly 40 per cent of visitors to are already employed. 18 per cent search the site to keep their options open, whilst 19 per cent are unhappy in their current job.