6 Best Free CRM Tools to Boost Sale and Improve Productivity

To keep your existing customers happy you require a good customer relationship management (CRM tools). This can help you to track and analyze every customer

Ashok Pandey
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one of the most crucial aspects of a customer-centric business strategy is Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

How can a business live? Two factors that impact majorly on any business – first a strong relationship with the customers and grabbing the new opportunities foster from those contacts. To keep your existing customers happy you require a good customer relationship management (CRM). This can help you to track and analyze every customer interaction to monetise the relationship.


There are multiple types of CRM tools with the major objective of boosting sales, improving productivity and identify prospects for marketing activities. Today, we are listing top 7 CRM software that can play a vital role in your business growth.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a solid tool for SMBs and start-ups with numerous features. It has ‘Zia’ a conversational AI for chat or call. This AI-powered sales assistant enables you for any customer information from your CRM. You can prioritize your emails by sales pipeline, with context and analytics. Make sales calls effective with single click dialling, prompt reminders and call analytics. Also, it offers to streamline notifications across multiple channels and respond to customers in real time.


It has plethora of handy features to explore. The Zoho CRM available for free trial and then you can choose one of the best plans as per your needs that start at $12.


One of the most loved SugarCRM is the largest open source CRM however, they are no longer releasing new open source versions of the Community Edition app. You can integrate third-party services as well using the open API. Forget about the old tiring way to communicate with your customers and please them with a new solution.


The simple to use CRM software comes with various features to help them understand the organization’s sales flow visually. It has easy-to-use templates and automated workflows enabling you to know what needs to be carried out, when and by whom.


The Free CRM tool comes with a built-in suite of various tools designed to manage projects, collaborate and bolster marketing efforts. It is a cloud-based CRM that includes tools such as content sharing, messaging, time management, tasking and threaded communications in a social-style environment.


Bitrix24 CRM offers a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. The fully customizable self-hosted editions of Bitrix24 with source code access are available.


The full-featured CRM is completely free flexible solution. It offers all of the core features of a modern system designed to manage contacts, track leads and close deals. It is among the most popular CRM as it offers all great CRM features to improve operations and sales at zero cost.


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HubSpot CRM is everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers. And its 100% free, forever.



One of the most known freemium CRM tools is designed to manage business contact, sales and projects, but the free one has limited functionalities. The cloud-based tool offers a detailed view of your business contact, their history and important dates etc.

You can track the project progress against the deadline and set automated alerts and track correspondence.


The open source CRM is a free self-hosted tool has a great footprint in the market as well as growing day-by-day. It provides several features that go beyond the traditional tasks of CRM including self-service portals, creates sales pipeline models, monitors the progress of leads, flexible business process modelling, contract management and templates for customer quotes.

Provide your sales agents with a clear overview of their leads, allowing them to detect new opportunities and close deals easier and faster.

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