5 jobs that will be displaced by AI and automation in the near future

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5 jobs that will be displaced by AI and automation in the near future

AI and automation are indeed the enablers of a quick and easy working environment. But excessive use of these technologies will result in massive job losses. Researchers from the University of Oxford and other institutions have predicted that job losses will be over 40 per cent.


While artificial intelligence will displace 75 million jobs, it will create an additional 133 million jobs by 2022. What’s important here is that the new jobs will be mainly in the area of AI, ML, automation, robotics etc. The displaced jobs will be from those domains that require much manual labour rather than brainpower. This will reduce redundant tasks and thus leverage the full potential of the human brain.

While there’s a wide range of jobs that are under threat, their chances of replacement are quite far. Here we have listed a few jobs that will be replaced in the near future, that is, in the next 5 to 6 years.

Data Entry


The traditional way of filling data into sheets will be replaced by modern and automated processes. This will reduce the risk of errors while also fastening the process. It will also maintain a high level of consistency.

Telemarketers & Customer Service Workers

There is a 99 per cent chance that this job role will be replaced by AI. The process of replacement has already begun. If you see, multiple websites are equipped with chatbots and these basic chatbots have been there for quite some years now. The advent of artificial intelligence has further advanced the functioning of these bots. Now they can learn from previously answered queries to become more ‘intelligent’. Also, the conversion rates for direct telephone sales are typically less than 10 per cent. This, therefore, risks the job of sales callers and telemarketers.


Compensation and Benefits Managers

Several theories around AI replacing HR are popular recently. However, saying that the entire Human Resource domain will be replaced by AI is not exactly true. Notably, compensation and benefits managers are the ones that can potentially be replaced by AI. The job role is projected to grow by 7 per cent by 2024. But growth does not save it from coming under the wings of automation. Just like other profiles, this one will also be replaced because of its redundant nature. Automated benefits systems can save time and effort for providing benefits to large numbers of employees in any organization.



A lot of companies including Walmart have started testing the delivery of items through drones. There is a high chance that soon we’ll be seeing drones and robots delivering our packages. However, it's hard to say that this will happen in the next 2 years as the companies are still testing this technology.


While writers will stay safe from the effect of AI, proof-readers, on the other hand, have high chances of getting replaced. Even now, software like Grammarly and Hemingway App are enabling writers to self-check their documents and write-ups. The very basic version of these software allow checking for spelling and grammar mistakes whereas the paid versions offer more advanced features – which are quite impressive.

The author of the article is Mansi Mishra, Cybermedia.

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