5 innovative ways HR tech is changing the traditional workplace

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HR tech is changing the traditional workplace

According to the TimesJobs survey, 35 per cent HR leaders feel that HR technology has been streamlining the recruitment processes, 48 per cent say many organizations are using HR tech to hire middle-level professionals and 59 per cent said that investment in technology has increased the profitability of the companies.


Over the past few decades, technology has made massive progress in changing the face of the modern Human Resources (HR) departments, employees, managers and executive teams. Presently, organizations are shifting towards cloud-based technology and they are investing generously in AI-based technologies to get compatible with the changing needs and demands of the businesses. These technologies have helped in upgrading the traditional workplace into a flexible HR department where getting important tasks done has become easier as time consuming processes are done away with.

HR tech is making a huge impact, whether the business category falls under healthcare, aviation, retail or any other business industry. The adoption of HR tech in the companies has helped in relieving the normal pressure from all the employees, preventing the paper-based and time-consuming work, and resulted in shifting the focus to the core duties.

Investing in HR technology can help in determining what is new and exciting. Here are some of the innovative ways in which HR tech is maintaining the traditional workplace:


Mobile Workforce Management (MWM)

The modern-day workplace dynamic technologies have developed at an immense rate. Work from home has become one of the popular trends, making the mobile workforce management crucial and more accessible, as it helps in connecting with the people around, regarding time tracking, productivity management, logging and communication.

Employee scheduling software


The design, development and delivery of ‘Shift Scheduling Software’ help in reducing the confusion, stress, and misunderstanding between the employees of an organization. This software increases the accessibility of the employees and updates their schedules online. One can simply log in to one’s account to know about the next shift. It also helps to ease the strain of a complicated schedule that includes overtime, personal time and vacations. This software also creates an interactive atmosphere that encourages increased collaboration, inspires employees to change shifts due to illness or other factors, and helps in saving the precious time and resources of the HR team.

Employee Self-Service Software

Many of the HR information systems now have the feature of employee self-service software, which reduces the team’s daily workload by providing employees with electronic access to HR-related tasks.


Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software helps to understand more about the employees’ performance as well as productivity of the companies. This technology allows easy tracking, comprehensive analysis and evaluation of workers’ performance, and helping c-level executives to focus on companies goals and initiatives.

CV Screener Software


From LinkedIn to, there are various ways to narrow down the initial phase for a candidate search. Some of the benefits include the inclusion of online applications and resume submission on websites and pre-employment screening tests.

Each time an organization invests in the HR tech, it works towards integrating technology and humanity. These new-age technologies have benefitted several companies in developing futuristic solutions. It is noted that with the adoption of innovative HR technologies, businesses have successfully reduced administrative burden on senior managers and empowered them with cutting-edge solutions to manage all the organisational resources, including human resources.

 Abhishek Agarwal, Senior Vice President, Judge Group