4 common WhatsApp tricks people don’t know about

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WhatsApp needs no introduction; any you must be using it from quite a long time. The app is now owned by Facebook and you can imagine the popularity of WhatsApp through its multiple MOD apps. If I am not wrong, it has the maximum number of MOD app compare to any other chat app.

MOD apps become popular due to some premium features that they offer but the risk is there to be banned due to violation of terms of use, so I would recommend to not use any MOD app. Also, here I would tell you some neat WhatsApp tricks that you might be looking for but unable to get.

Stop auto-downloading video and images

WhatsApp tricks

Most of the people struggle with this as it not only consumes a lot of data as well as their storage space. Another major problem with auto-download is – you might get the same video from various contact or groups, resulting in multiple downloads of the same content.

You can stop auto-downloading, there is no major trick, it’s just a setting that you need to customize. You can stop auto-downloading over mobile data or choose manual.

Settings > Data and storage usage > Media auto-download > When using mobile data.

This section lets you choose what content should download automatically when you are using your mobile data. You can check or uncheck as per your preference for downloading photos, audio, videos and documents.

If you uncheck all, you can download them manually, means whenever and whatever content you want to download.

Enhance security with two-step verification

WhatsApp tricks

In case you lost your device or SIM somehow, the dodgy types won’t be able to access your account. This happened with many, as they lost their phone and till the time they deactivated their SIM, the stealer got access to their WhatsApp account. As it requires your number and OTP that will be sent on your SIM.

The two-step verification can stop them to access your account, even if they have SIM and OTP. You can activate this in a few simple steps…

Settings > Account > Two-step verification.

When enabled, it will ask you to create a six-digit pin for whenever you add WhatsApp to a new phone. You will be able to add your email address in this, in case you forgot the PIN.

Want to know who read your group message!

WhatsApp tricks

You send a message in a group and no one replied, do you want to know who read the message and who not? You can easily find out this info, all you need to do is hold on your message for a few seconds to highlight it, then tap on the three dots menu and choose info. Here you will be able to see the list of people who read your message and who missed.

Turn off the “last seen” feature

WhatsApp tricks

Don’t want to let others know when you were online? You might have a stalker and want to tweak your ‘last seen’ then it’s possible. The function is available in settings –

Settings > Account > Privacy > Everyone / My contacts / Nobody.

Also, you can stop stalker to see your profile photo – Everyone / My contacts / Nobody.

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