3 Paytm wallet features you may have missed!

Soma Tah
New Update

Paytm has released a couple of new features to make the buying and payment process easy and secure for the users and chances are there that you may have not noticed it!


Here are those lesser-know features and how to use them:

1. Passbook


With Paytm’s passbook, you can easily keep a tab on all the payments made or received in your Paytm wallet. While this may appear like a usual feature, the catch here is of selective calculation. Passbook also allows users in selective calculation: simply hard press the circular icon in transactions, and you will know the net amount spent or received in an instant.

2. Unique Personal QR Code


In order to make the monetary transactions from wallet much safer and secure, Paytm offers a unique QR code to everyone. Users can access their personalized QR code in the request money or the profile section. The same can be utilized while you are requesting money to your wallet.

3. Recent & Offers Tab


The tab takes the pain away from repeatedly having to feed in the same details and makes payments quicker. Your recent transactions appear when you do a particular recharge. In case you wish to remove a number from the recent list, simply hard press the same and you will get an option to clear it.

You will also see an Offers tab for special offers basis your transaction history. This makes finding latest deals and offers easier for you.

Additionally, when browsing products on Paytm Mall, you can look for the seller details on the product description page to know where the seller is located, what his current rating is and how many people have already bought from him. You will also find other sellers selling similar products. In case you aren’t satisfied or find another seller closer to home, you may choose to go ahead with the same.

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