25 innovative IoT application ideas surfaced at IoT-Ideathon

The first IoT-Ideathon concludes in Bangalore with 25 exciting ideas

Soma Tah
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BANGALORE, INDIA: The first IoT-Ideathon concludes in Bangalore with 25 exciting ideas being entered to address issues like Vaccine Monitoring, Haptic Feedback for Physically Challenged and Smart Street Lighting, etc.


The ongoing VLSID 2015 conference in Bangalore  is hosting industry’s first IoT-Ideathon, a 60 – hour long event, in which over 100 students and young professionals have taken part and to create 25 new and innovative applications in IoT.

The top three winning ideas of the IoT Ideathon are:

Mosquito Density Sensing & Alarm- (Yogesh Singh , Vinay Joshi , Praveen Rathee, IIT Bombay)


Automation for Physically Challenged- (Prajwal Prabhat , Arun PC , Bharathwaj M, CVC Pvt Ltd)

Fall Detection- (Tarang Shah , Kaustubh Nawade, BITS Pilani)

Cardiac Design Labs is recognized as the best IoT Start-Up. The product MIRCaM is an Intelligent Healthcare IOT product, which has the required proprietary algorithms to detect cardiac anomalies, and then upload those to the cloud, for cardiologist's supervision further.

Dr. Satya Gupta, Co General Chair, VLSI Conference 2015, said, “The event has proved the ability of young Indian engineering talent to not just innovate, but also ensure the robustness of engineering and thereby create products of the highest quality for India and the world. Industry and academia must work closely to nurture such talent.”

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