2021—Year of the Indian Startup

Sunil Rajguru
New Update

The Indian startup industry goes great guns; All eyes on the Ola electric scooter launch & Chippagedon hits India.


Big blow to Mukesh Ambani (Ep-40, August 6)

India to crack down on Digital Monopolies (Ep-39, July 9)


Social Media flux continues (Ep-38, July 2)

Bitcoin’s 414th obituary? (Ep-37, May 21)

Crypto flavour of the season (TNTW Ep-37. May 14)


PUBG returns in new avatar (Ep-35, May 7)

iPhone-smartphones continue to see record sales (Ep-34, April 30)

Facebook’s “excessive data collection” under trial (Ep-33, April 23)


Amazon’s $250 million fund to digitize Indian SMBs (Ep-32, April 16)

China threat rattles India-US (Ep-31, April 9)

Threat of a global supply chain disruption (Ep-30, April 2)


Jio-Airtel war hots up (Ep-29, March 19)

India needs brand new Cybersecurity Policy (Ep-28, March 12)

Are we ready for Chippagedon? (Ep-27, March 5)


" target="_blank" rel="noopener">India cracks down on Big Tech (Ep-26, Feb 26)

Make in Tech India going strong (Ep-25, Feb 19)

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Modi vs Jack and Koo vs Twitter (Ep-24, Feb 12)


" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Digital Budget for post-Covid India (Ep-23, Feb 5)

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">When a sub-Reddit & an app shook the stock market​ (Ep-22, Jan 22)

Banning Trump a dangerous precedent (Ep-21, Jan 15)

">2020—Great year for tech despite Covid (Ep-20, Dec 18)

US moves to break up Facebook (Ep-19, Dec 11)

Asia the undisputed mobile emperor (Ep-18, December 4)

">The Amazon East India Company (Ep-17, November 27)

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">1.3 billion tech-powered Covid vaccines by 2021 (Ep-16, November 20)

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Are social media companies interfering in global elections? (Ep-15, October 16)

">TCS is globe's top IT consulting company (Ep-14, October 9)

">Make in India, Keep in India, App in India (Ep-13, October 2)

">Are we entering Utopia or Dystopia? (Ep-12, September 25)

">India dealing with millions & billions (Ep-11, September 11)

Tech China continues to bleed (Ep-10, September 4)

TikTok continues to fight it out (Ep-9, August 28)

">Apple is now a $2 trillion empire (Ep-8, August 21)

">Apple now "1984 establishment" in Epic fight (Ep-7, August 14)

Trump targets TikTok-WeChat in Clean Network initiative (Ep-6, August 7)

Big Tech testifies in Congress; Profits despite Covid (Ep-5, July 31)

Indians Zoom up & Social Media woes continue (Ep-4, July 24)

Twitter hack & Jio's 5G dreams (Ep-3, July 17)

.be">Keep in India the new data mantra (Ep-2, July 10)

.be">Tesla beats Toyota, Jio rocks (Ep-1, July 3)

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