Inaccurate & insufficient data to be blamed for the sales & marketing disconnect

BANGALORE, INDIA: A survey conducted by InsideView has shed some lights on the reasons behind the discord between sales and marketing teams. “Sales and marketing misalignment costs companies real money. It is an age-old problem but the time is now

Xiaomi launches its first smartwatch with heart rate sensor

By : CIOL Writers

After launching a kid-focused smartwatch in May, Xiaomi launched its much-anticipated first smartwatch in China yesterday. Starting today, the Xiaomi Amazfit smartwatch will be available at CNY 799 in the country. The wearable that has been designed in collaboration with

Microsoft launches a dedicated website to report hate speech

By : CIOL Writers

The tech giants are coming together to fight and prevent online hate speech. Automated abuse filter by Yahoo, Quality filter by Twitter, and now a dedicated website has been launched by Microsoft to control online hate speech. The Redmond company

Is Pokemon Go IT’s new BYOD Monster?

Pratima H CA, USA: Meteoric – the word – finally gets the right place to describe

Foodpanda’s Indian unit forays into ecommerce delivery to better revenues

By : CIOL Writers

Food tech startup Foodpanda’s Indian unit secured more than 150 crores of funding in last 12

Google could replace Nexus with a new brand lineup this year

By : CIOL Writers

If you are among those who are eagerly waiting for Google’s new Nexus smartphones this year

Airtel quickens LTE-A rollout to offer up to 135Mbps 4G speeds

MUMBAI, INDIA: You can call it RJio effect as Airtel is speeding up its network transformation

Facebook to hide ‘mature content’ from News Feed

By : CIOL Writers

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to feel safe when using Facebook. Hence, to ensure that Facebook has

Warning: Update your iPhone iOS before it gets hacked

By : CIOL Writers

Even after a severe warning coming directly from the Cupertino tech giant, many iPhone users are

84pc of Indians use social media even if they are on vacation

By : CIOL Writers

What has turned into “Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook Post update” was once vacations, outings, visiting restaurants,

Google is Uber’s new competitor in the Bay area

By : CIOL Writers

Google wants to cut out a pie for itself from the already crowded car-pooling business with

Apple introduces 2TB iCloud storage option for $20 per month

By : CIOL Writers

Say goodbye to that annoying “full storage” iCloud message that keeps popping now and then as

Mobile apps that bombed despite big names

By : CIOL Writers

Hundreds of apps are launched every year but have you ever wondered how many of them

3 Paytm wallet features you may have missed!

Paytm has released a couple of new features to make the buying and payment process easy

RJio likely to snag 25mn subscribers before the commercial launch

Faisal Kawoosa Batten down the hatches! It may not sound music to the ears of incumbents,

Google integrates Cast directly into Chrome browser

By : CIOL Writers

After two years of testing, Google has now integrated its Google Cast capability directly into the

Part 2: The road ahead for banking sector

The emergence of disruptive new fintech startups, new govt. schemes and policies for banking the unbanked,

VMware brings cloud freedom & control with Cross-Cloud Architecture

BANGALORE, INDIA: VMware announced that its Cross-Cloud Architecture will help customers to run, manage, connect, and

Instagram to suggest Stories from people you don’t follow

By : CIOL Writers

Snapchat was just the inspiration. Instagram Stories has its own Plan of action to boost itself

Apple launching new MacBook Air and iMac in October

By : CIOL Writers

Apple’s iPhones might be facing tough competition in the market from the likes of Samsung Galaxy