Ethical Hacking as a Career: RAD? Right? Rich?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H USA: Broiled. Slayed. Butchered. Popped with a pin. Lacerated? It is still vague how exactly he did that but the ‘slash’ has been killed for sure. The either-or wall between offensive and defensive markets for hacking comes crumbling

People, relax, Facebook will not charge you to protect your privacy

By : CIOL Writers

For those who have been frantically posting status updates on Facebook, standing up against the company’s alleged move to charge its users to keep their posts private, consider this: IT IS A HOAX! If you just wind back to 2013,

Infosys introduces app to control AC temp for its employees

By : CIOL Writers

Does it get annoyingly cold in your cubicle? If you are an Infosys employee in Mysore, you wouldn’t complain about it. The company has introduced a third-party app called Comfy to help its employees Mysuru campus to monitor and personalize

Global internet speeds increase on the back of IPv6 adoption

By : CIOL Writers

South Korea continues to be the country with fastest internet speeds in the world, but average global speeds have seen an uptick from late last year, jumping to 6.3 Mbps, according to content delivery network Akamai. The increase has come

Terrorism database of suspected individuals leaked on internet

By : CIOL Writers

Terrorism is a nagging nuisance world over, but the general public has little information on how huge the menace is. But that changed recently, as a database of 2.2 million suspected terrorists and people linked to organized crime, prepared by

Head of China’s top internet regulator Lu Wei quits

By : CIOL Writers

Head of China’s top internet regulator Lu Wei, who brought in a severe curtailing of internet freedom during his tenure, has stepped down. It is a known fact that China censors online content that it deems are politically sensitive, along

Hack into a Facebook account with a fake passport!

By : CIOL Writers

Aaron Thompson is a Facebook user who has exposed an online thief that gained access to his account simply by sending the support team a fake passport to unlock the account. Thompson spoke about the incident on news site Reddit

Grofers laying off 10 pc work force, revokes job offers

By : CIOL Writers

Grofers, a grocery delivery startup will lay off 10 percent of its workforce or around 100 employees. The SoftBank and Tiger Global Management funded start-up cited tough market conditions and revision in growth projection as the reasons for the layoffs.

Uber’s app to trackdriving behavior with real time feedback

By : CIOL Writers

Uber has developed a new technology to track when drivers of the ride-hailing app go too fast, cut corners or brake harshly by monitoring the sensors in their smartphones. The software, part of an updated version of Uber’s app for

No ban on Whatsapp in India: Supreme Court

By : CIOL Writers

The Supreme Court of India thinks that banning Whatsapp is a preposterous proposition and has rejected the petition seeking the same. Keeping in mind the freedom of expression of the people, the court has thus directed the petitioner to approach

Amazon tops MIT’s 50 smartest companies list; Apple’s nowhere

By : CIOL Writers

After going through MIT’s global ranking for 50 smartest companies of 2016, with Amazon topping the charts, my first question was- where is Apple? And then I tried to recall if I missed Xiaomi’s ranking and to my double surprise,

7 travel apps worth your time and money

By : CIOL Writers

If you are a travel enthusiast, this one’s for you. There is no dearth of traveling apps available in the play store but most of them are good for nothing, clunky and pretty bugging. And it can be pretty tedious

Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming on August 2

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft has announced that its Windows 10 Anniversary Update will get launched on August 2. This is one of the biggest Windows 10 updates yet and will include new features for both consumers and enterprises. Another big declaration at the

Google’s new ‘My Activity’ dashboard lists your entire search history

By : CIOL Writers

Google has introduced a new dashboard called ‘My Activity’, that shows all of your online activities such as search history, video searches and places you have visited. The new dashboard improves upon Google’s previous My Account dashboard, which allows you

Making voice remote controls gets easier with TI solution

BANGALORE, INDIA: Texas Instruments (TI) has launched new voice remote control solutions as part of its SimpleLink ultra-low power platform. This will help developers to add ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee RF4CE or multi-standard connectivity to their designs for

Oracle partners ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu to train 45,000 students in the state

NEW DELHI, INDIA: During a recent visit to India, Oracle CEO Safra Catz said the company would expand its educational partnerships to another 1,000 institutions with a goal of reaching 500,000 students annually. In line with that commitment, Oracle and

1 in every 4 smartphones sold in India this year will be from an ’emerging’ brand

NEW DELHI, INDIA: The emerging brands are gaining momentum rapidly in the burgeoning Indian smartphone market. So much so that a new CMR study on Emerging Smartphone Brands says that 1 in every 4 smartphones sold in India this year

Indian smartphone app users compromise security by allowing access to personal info

By : CIOL Writers

About one in two Indians is severely exposed to privacy risks, as they allow most app developers to access their contact directories and other data stored on their smartphones in exchange for free applications, according to a study conducted by

425,000 apps vanished from Apple’s app store in Thailand

By : CIOL Writers

If you have a smartphone, chances are that your device will be full of apps—for games, social media, work etc. Everyone loves smartphone apps, and Thailand is obviously no exception. There are several million apps across Apple’s and Google’s app

Snapchat the new hub for prospective lovers

By : CIOL Writers

Forget Tinder or any other dating app; Snapchat is what you want if you really want to know if your crush is really into you. Just hover over those three dots after you have posted a snap story, and tap