Tech This Week: Why did the Apple Fall?

INDIA: It was once-in-13-years news but yes, iPhone sales showed a slump – something that was instrumental

Dating in the times of Technology

By : CIOL Writers

‘Love in the times of technology’ has led to heated and often nasty discussions in my friend circle. But we aren’t talking love today. It’s the foreplay: dating. The prevalence of smart phones mean we are always contactable, social media

Have you met these Indian Super Hero Aunties?

By : Riddhi Sharma

UK based artist Kully Rehal deeply understands immigrant’s travails. Her own “traditional Desi parents” belonged to the same group. Growing up in an Asian neighborhood, seeing and listening people talk about their culture and people inspired her to pay tribute

K. Krishna Moorthy is the new IESA Chairman

BANGALORE, INDIA: India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) today announced its new Executive Council (EC) for the year 2016-17. K. Krishna Moorthy, Corporate VP and Managing Director, Rambus Chip Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd has taken over the role of Chairman

Infosys will help clients move to the AWS Cloud

BANGALORE, INDIA: Infosys has announced a global strategic initiative with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make transitioning to the cloud easier and faster. As part of this collaboration, Infosys is creating a dedicated AWS Cloud Center of Excellence cutting across

imDown: Redefining video storytelling for Gen X

By : CIOL Writers

This is mobile-first world. Be it company or the content, it has to have mobility factor to stand apart from the crowd. However, with all sorts of content blasting through mobile avenues presently, it’s obvious to ask, are we fast

Understanding the needs of new-age Process Consultants

ThangaPrakash Kanagaraj Organizations bleed in millions of dollars every year for inefficient and ineffective business processes. What does that mean? A lack of end-to-end visibility into business interactions cause delays, repeats, defects and has decision makers moving in circles before

Whither Youth: Social media Obsession

By : CIOL Writers

I remember reading a news article last year that said that selfies kill more people across globe than sharks do. Young people and social media have redefined ‘live for the moment’ phrase in the past decade. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat

Love conquers all: Customer delight for growth

By : CIOL Writers

Most of the success stories of Start-Ups are not mere theories but practical application of understanding and providing a solution for various problems that customers face. The simplest formula for growth in any industry is customer satisfaction. Here are some

Spielberg’s Tech Advisor transforming sci-fi into real technology

By : CIOL Writers

John Underkoffler worked as Steven Spielberg’s technology advisor on the 2002 tech-noir thriller Minority Report and completely transformed the way we imagined interacting with information in the was pure future forecast. Underkoffler’s reputation as a technology visionary scored him his next

India Internet report: connecting a billion Indians

By : Riddhi Sharma

If we analyse the pivotal question of  “Internet reach in India”, a comparative assessment of various models shows that both private and government involvement is required to push the internet penetration in India. Here are the key highlights from India

“Differences between partners is good”: Sachin Bansal

By : Riddhi Sharma

We are living in the best of times and the time has never been ripe enough for entrepreneurs to try new things and to think out of the box. At the India Internet Day conference the best of the minds

2015 was watershed year for Indian start-ups: iDay 2016

By : Riddhi Sharma

We are all aware that rapidly growing digital ecosystem is fueling the growth of startups in India. Speaking at India Internet Day (iday) Alan Lam, Managing Director Head of APAC Technology & Media Investment Banking, Credit Suisse said that, Indian start-ups are

Facebook proposes new share structure

By : CIOL Writers

It isn’t just its stellar performance for the quarter that’s turning heads, Facebook’s proposed new share structure is also creating lot of buzz all around. After posting record high $5.8 billion revenue, Facebook has contended that its new class of

Infosys buys a minority stake in Trifacta

By : CIOL Writers

Infosys Ltd, India’s second-largest software firm has bought a minority stake in San Francisco-based Trifacta Inc. by making an undisclosed investment in the data visualization start-up, marking the seventh investment in a start-up from the company’s $500 million innovation fund.

Summer internship: Think beyond Apple and Google

By : CIOL Writers

Computer science and engineering students are hot properties in Silicon Valley. The demand for tech talent is huge and this results in tech companies rolling out the red carpet for talented, often in the form of incredibly generous salaries and

Samsung launches Artik cloud service

By : CIOL Writers

Samsung introduced the ARTIK Cloud service at its Samsung Developer Conference on Wednesday- a tool which can store, analyze and act on data collected from any connected device or cloud service. This the latest addition to a family of ARTIK

WhatsApp to add call back and ZIP file sharing feature

By : CIOL Writers

It’s a race. The goal is crisp and clear- to provide an all-inclusive service platform to keep users inside the app for as long as possible.  WhatsApp has added a lot of features in recent months including end-to-end encryption of messages

Did you know about these hidden Snapchat features?

By : CIOL Writers

The current rivals on social media platform, that has made Twitter, – the micro-blogging site, and Viber – messaging app, – stand on the shores of drowning, are Snapchat and Facebook. When Facebook is pushing its Live Video feature every

Clinton Email Fiasco: Did you look at the footnotes?

John Hurley USA: It all started with a home-based server that carried state secrets. Up until the most recent occupant, few others in the position of Secretary of State had used the official email address to conduct government business,