Ncrease: They know what you want before you decide

By : CIOL Writers

Have you ever wondered how would it be if someone would know what you want to buy even before you make the decision? No, we aren’t talking Genies here. There is a start-up in Washington that knows exactly what you

Banks vs Mobile Wallet Players

By : CIOL Writers

Digital banking customers being keen to try out new payment services are making big Indian banking giants worrisome. Many Indian banks, including India’s largest lender State Bank of India, ICICI and HDFC are gearing up to take on a battle

Snapchat 2.0 : the latest update

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Sailing in the rough, ever-changing currents of today’s technology isn’t easy. And I am not talking about us; it’s the apps who are vying with each other to score our maximum attention. New acquisitions, revised versions, improved features all seem

Mobile commerce trends in email marketing

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Mobile revenues are experiencing exponential growth with more and more consumers using their smartphones to complete transactions and the time is not far away when marketplace will accept mobile as a primary purchasing channel. According to Yesmail’s Q4 2015 benchmark

Time for Social Media Detox

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Social Media is our bread and butter and we are asking you for a detox! Philanthropy, you see. Some things are beyond material concerns. Ahem-ahem.Alright. But this is really serious. Social Media has become an addiction, bigger than drugs and

Did Brussels’s tragedy explode the encryption can too?

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: How does this happen in an age where technology is so advanced that Snowden becomes

Med-x: Med-tech startup from Gwalior

By : CIOL Writers

Big dreams often start from by lanes of small cities. Med-x, a Gwalior-based medicine-delivery startup was

Digital Media Time Spent on Mobile more than Desktop

By : CIOL Writers

America is following in the footsteps of India(Only about 20 percent of Indian people own desktop

Top 5 Anti-Viruses of 2016

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Your workstation is your new bank vault, what with all netbanking access details, domestic document scanned

Now WhatsApp and Skype calls for Landline

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When was the last time you dialed a number from a fixed line? Think…continue…will be a

ALTEN Calsoft Labs acquires CRO services company PVR Technologies

By : CIOL Writers

ALTEN Calsoft Labs, the French multinational technology consulting and engineering services provider has acquired US-based CRO

Flipkart = Snapdeal + Amazon + Paytm

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India’s top e-commerce firm, Flipkart has crossed 75 million registered customers in India, becoming the first

Adding Intelligence to IT Racks

Ravi Raj INDIA: Given the massive growth of IT industry and data in general, IT organizations

Numbers of Note: Weary Wearables

INDIA: As much as they were thought to just come and storm our world, wearables have

Qikship: The on-demand logistics service

By : CIOL Writers

Qikship, a Delhi-based on-demand logistics company, has completed its angel round of funding by raising US

Umbo CV Security Cameras to prevent crime

By : CIOL Writers

Umbo CV has raised a $2.8 million in seed round funding for its security cameras based

Who owns your social media account after you die?

By : CIOL Writers

One day you will be asked to leave; leave this world. No prior notice, no preparations,

Breakthrough in cancer treatment by Indian Scientists

By : CIOL Writers

A group of Indian scientists from the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School

Wipro – Jubilant to deliver energy management services

By : CIOL Writers

Wipro has announced a five-year partnership with Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, master franchisee for Domino’s Pizza and

GE and Tech Mahindra are coming together

By : CIOL Writers

We live in a digital era and every facet of our life is incomplete without its