10 Tips For Good Photography From Smartphone

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Smartphones have become a luxury everyone enjoys today. And one very important specification that is considered while buying a phone is its camera. If smartphones and booming app industry are witnesses to spreading digitization, people’s fondness for selfies and clicking pictures reflect the changing personality perception of masses. It’s a new way of expressing one’s social identity, of holding on to best memories, of making stories for a lifetime.

For all the Photography enthusiasts, CIOL brings to you a few tips that can help you get better, best shots:

  • Light

Click pictures with apt lighting; neither too bright nor too dark. You don’t want the picture that is extra white or completely black. The time just after sunrise or just before sunset is perfect for a right click. Portraits would look best when clicked in a foggy condition as there won’t be shadows or excess light.

  • Being there at the right time

If you want a perfect picture then you need to have some patience. Capturing something at the right moment is what makes the difference between a good picture and a perfect picture.

  • Keep the lens clean

Even if you have clicked a good picture and the lens of the phone is dirty, you will get a blurred picture. So, the first thing to do is to clean the lens of the phone.

  • Focus and Refocus

Focus on what you want to click rather than just clicking a picture and hoping it to be a good picture. A few Smartphones allow you to refocus after clicking a shot, giving you the best picture.

  • Avoid using the flash

Flash is meant to be used when there is no light. Avoid using the flash when you can and use the natural light instead. Pictures clicked in natural light look good and natural.

  • A Steady Hand or a Selfie Stick

You need to have a steady hand while clicking pictures or else you would end up clicking blurred pictures. Use the volume button to get a good grip on the phone while clicking a portrait selfie, and the camera button when clicking the picture in the landscape layout.

You could also use a selfie stick instead.

  • Don’t Zoom!

Zooming is a big no on smartphones as it destroys the pixels of the picture.

  • Shoot in landscape

Unless you need a taller picture do not use the portrait landscape. Landscape makes the picture look better when compared to the portrait landscape.

  • Use of Panorama Shots

Planning to click a picture covering a wide angle, then use the Panorama shot. Keep in mind you need to have a steady hand while moving from left to right.

  • Use of the HDR mode

High Dynamic Range mode is present in most Smartphone cameras nowadays. Understanding when exactly to use this mode is very important. It is meant to balance out the lighting in a picture, hence, use it when you are clicking a picture with a bright and dark area in the same frame.

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