Uber suspends self-driving car tests after Arizona crash

By : CIOL Writers

Self-driving cars, equipped with latest technology may have all the safety gear and features but at the end of the day they have to ply amidst human users and hence the ruckus. The latest high-impact crash in Tempe, Arizona involving

Apple is going steady with its AR projects

By : CIOL Writers

Apple rarely speaks about its budding ventures and projects. But the rumours and leaks in the virtual world always keep us abreast with what’s underway at Cupertino. Just like its self-driving cars, Apple has been quite secretive about its augmented reality

Google Maps to enable real-time location sharing with friends and family

By : CIOL Writers

Google has announced a new real—time location sharing feature for Google Maps to let users on Android and iOS share their real-time location with friends, family, and colleagues and these people will be able to see the location on Android, iPhone,

Your WhatsApp account can be hacked with an innocent-looking meme

Do you know that a malicious code hidden within an innocent looking image received on WhatsApp can make you a victim of of the cyber attacks, where the attackers get a full control and access into your accounts and personal

Qualcomm’s new 205 mobile platform will bring 4G and VoLTE support to feature phones

By : CIOL Writers

Qualcomm is all geared up to provide 4G and VoLTE support to entry-level feature phones for the emerging markets like India, Latin America, South East Asia and others. The chipmaker announced the 205 Mobile Platform, its first mobile platform at

Google revises ads policy to give more control to advertisers

By : CIOL Writers

Google is revising its ads policy after receiving flak from major UK brands. “We’ve heard from our advertisers and agencies loud and clear that we can provide simpler, more robust ways to stop their ads from showing against controversial content,”

IBM brings its Mesh Network alert tech to India for sending disaster alerts without Internet

IBM has launched its Mesh Network Alerts technology in India – a mobile alerting platform which will deliver weather alerts without the Internet. Mesh network can enable people in low internet connectivity area to exchange messages. The technology uses peer-to-peer connections on a

From Schwarzenegger to Trump: IT stays a Thriller

Pratima H INDIA: When the world of technology resembles a Cheyenne Mountain, you can’t blame it

How Scientists Let you Cram Terabytes of Data in a 3.5-inch hard drive

By : Anil Chopra

According to Seagate Technologies, if they were to stack up all the storage media that they

DevOps and Speed-breakers

SANTA CLARA, USA: Company culture (14 per cent); challenges of testing automation (13 per cent); legacy systems

Google launches Family Link with better parental control features

By : CIOL Writers

Google is finally answering many parents’ prayers by launching ‘Family Link‘ which allows parents to not

Google Maps ‘Transit’ feature expanded to 7 more Indian cities

By : CIOL Writers

Google Maps has expanded its ‘Transit’ feature to seven more Indian cities namely Chandigarh, Lucknow, Vadodara, Indore,

GoPro to lay off 270 more employees

By : CIOL Writers

Announcing its first-quarter earnings, GoPro revealed that it plans to cut 270 more jobs as part of cost-cutting measures that

Now you can use Gmail’s Android app to send and receive money

By : CIOL Writers

The Gmail app for Android has finally integrated Google wallet on its platform to enable users

Xilinx enables machine learning from the edge to the cloud

BANGALORE, INDIA: At Embedded World, Xilinx announced expansion into a wide range of vision guided machine

When the car becomes the chassis

Pratima H INDIA: It used to be all about whether it is a V8, a V12,

Elon Musk bets his company can fix South Australia’s power issues in 100 days

By : CIOL Writers

Elon Musk likes to keep himself busy with challenging tasks. After trying to make it possible

Google launches Chrome 57 with new features and improvements

By : CIOL Writers

In a bid to give more control to developers, Google has launched Chrome 57 for Windows,

When a man earns $167, a woman earns $100

INDIA: Globally, a woman earns an average $100 for every $140 a man earns. Adding to

Charting new territories: Entrepreneurial women in the tech world

By : CIOL Writers

Sonal Vats They may not get the same number of opportunities as their male counterparts, their