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Xiaomi launches Apple Watch-lookalike ‘WeLoop Hey 3S’ at $78

By : CIOL Writers

Adding one more fitness tracker to the wearable market, Xiaomi’s WeLoop has launched a new smartwatch — Hey 3S, which shares striking similarities with the Nike Edition of the Apple Watch. Introduced on Xiaomi’s crowdfunded platform, MIJIA, the device has

Google reportedly to launch Android Wear 2.0 in February

By : CIOL Writers

Initially announced at 2016 I/O, Google is yet to release the much-awaited Android Wear 2.0, an operating system designed for smartwatches and wearables. The tech giant was supposed to release the OS by year (2016) end. However, according to the

Fitbit acquires smartwatch startup Vector Watch

By : CIOL Writers

After acquiring Pebble last month, fitness wearables brand Fitbit has made yet another acquisition in the form of European smartwatch maker Vector Watch. Though the terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed, the year-old startup has been acquired for its

Google to launch Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches in 2017

By : CIOL Writers

After launching Google Pixel, the tech giant plans to launch Google smartwatches, but without Google or Pixel branding. Instead, the company plans to brand the smartwatches on the name of the manufacturing company. However, Google is yet to disclose the

Apple reportedly making foray into wearable glasses

By : CIOL Writers

Do you remember Google glass? Despite the buzz and the visionary concept, the project was ultimately abandoned by the company. But that did not stop Snapchat from creating its own video-camera sunglasses that infused a new lease of life into

Security spends see upward spike as wearable devices hit the workplace

Wearable devices such as wristbands, eyewears, earwears and footwears are seeing increased use in different industry verticals such as healthcare, BFSI, defence and retail, as they provide hands-free operations, real-time data monitoring and network communication. Rise in availability of enterprise-focused

Apple Watch refresh delights swimmers & fitness freaks; prices start at Rs 32,900

USA: Apple has refreshed its smartwatch line with new Apple Watch Series 2, packed with fitness and sports features such as water resistance for swimming, and a built-in GPS to function without an iPhone. Apple Watch Series 2 will be

New version of activity tracker Pulse monitors oxygen in blood

By : CIOL Writers

The French consumer electronics company, Withings has announced the launch of the Pulse O2 activity tracker, an expansion of the Withings’ original Pulse. The product is available on Amazon at Rs 9,999. Like its predecessor, the Pulse O2 tracks users’

Smart wearables for Olympics 2016

By : CIOL Writers

Wearable devices such as smartwatches or fitness trackers have become an accepted phenomenon all over the world. Then, how could 2016 Olympics games escape the tech impression? The opening ceremony scheduled for August 5th is less than a week away.

Your smartwatch can leak PINs and passwords to cybercriminals

By : CIOL Writers

Smartwatches and fitness trackers can be easily exploited by cyber criminals to steal a user’s PIN number thanks to the motion sensing data it generates, warns a study conducted by a team from the department of electrical and computing engineering

ZENTA wrist-wearable to track both mental and physical well being

By : CIOL Writers

Technology has been evolving ways to approach physical well-being through wearables like apple watch, Microsoft band which tracks our heartbeat and movement. However, now a London-based start-up has decided to take the mental well-being in hands, we mean, in our

Smart shoes from Lenovo that tracks your fitness

By : CIOL Writers

Wearable technology is the new rage in today’s time, and no tech conference can conclude without at least one path-breaking prototype. So at its Tech World conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Lenovo took the lead and unveiled a smart

Panic/SOS button tops wearables wish list

NEW DELHI, INDIA: In the new Ericsson ConsumerLab report, six in 10 smartphone users state that wearables have uses beyond health and wellness. Devices related to personal safety and security, such as panic buttons and personal locators, attract most interest:

Wearables, home healthcare services can cut down 20pc hospital cost


Home healthcare is $3.2 bn market in India and is expected to be $6.21 bn market by 2020. CMR takes a close look at the growth prospect of home healthcare in India. Check this infographic:

Numbers of Note: Weary Wearables

INDIA: As much as they were thought to just come and storm our world, wearables have

Factors that boost entrepreneurial innovation in ESDM

Jaswinder Ahuja The Indian government has introduced several initiatives over the last year and a half

Some interesting examples of how various industries will leverage new technologies

SYDNEY: From drones to intelligent personal assistants to artificial intelligence to big data and more, newer

Titan, HP Inc partner for smart watches

MUMBAI, INDIA: Titan and HP Inc have partnered for smart watches. While Titan will bring its

Misfit brings its budget wearables to India

BANGALORE, INDIA: The maker of stylish wearable and smart home devices, Misfit’s products are now available

Ransomware could move to wearable devices

NEW DELHI, INDIA: After many years of evolution, ransomware has emerged as one of the most