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YouTube sets tougher guidelines for kids related content

By : CIOL Writers

Google-owned YouTube is being criticized for allowing kids programming with violent and explicit videos which are usually aimed at older audiences. Therefore, the company has toughened its approach to protect kids from such content on YouTube and YouTube Kids. Google

Facebook is testing 4K video uploads in news feed

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook is testing 4K video upload feature that would make the videos in your news feed a lot sharper. The social networking giant confirmed to TechCrunch that the company is starting to test 4K video support by giving a small group

LinkedIn brings Video and Career Advice pilot to India

BANGALORE, INDIA: After a trial run and the launch of the video feature last month, LinkedIn today introduced the feature for the Indian market. Although video is not a new concept for social networking platforms, LinkedIn’s video push is aimed

Google is rolling out video reviews for Maps

By : CIOL Writers

Google has launched a new feature under its Local Guides program that allows users to upload videos of up to 30 seconds in length. TechCrunch says that the feature was made available by Google a couple of weeks ago, but now

Facebook testing a group video chat app named Bonfire

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook is secretly testing a standalone group video chat app called Bonfire, that allows you to chat with up to 8 friends as well as use Snapchat like effects inside the app. The app which is very similar to HouseParty

Facebook to invest $1bn to produce original video content

By : CIOL Writers

Doubling down on its video efforts, Facebook is looking to spend around $1 billion to produce original content for its platform. The investment figure could fluctuate based on the success of the content’s popularity, as reported by The Wall Street

Youtube gets a makeover and a new logo

By : CIOL Writers

Everybody’s favorite video streaming app Youtube is undergoing a huge makeover. The California based video platform has revamped its look with a new logo and desktop and app re-design. Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer, YouTube in an official blog said, “We

LinkedIn bets on video strategy to boost usage

By : CIOL Writers

LinkedIn is always trying to woo its professional users, as it is one of the most popular business networking tool it has to constantly evolve. Now, Microsoft owned LinkedIn is trying to add more users to its network by introducing video

Facebook launches ‘Watch’ with original videos to rival YouTube and TV

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook‘s battle to become number one destination for original TV shows begins as it launched its redesigned video platform- Watch tab yesterday. It features original programming financed by Facebook, alongside videos from other creators, in a tab that will become personalized

Disney will launch its own streaming service in 2019

By : CIOL Writers

Disney has decided to end its distribution agreement with Netflix in 2019 and instead launch its own streaming service. The company says that its new streaming service would be built off technology from the Major League Baseball founded video streaming

Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ overtakes ‘Gangnam Style’ to become the most viewed YouTube video

By : CIOL Writers

Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ has overtaken K-pop’s viral sensation Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ for the title of YouTube’s most watched video of all time. Gangnam style held the record for the most viewed YouTube video after surpassing Justin Beiber’s “Baby”

YouTube is relying on you to translate the video descriptions

By : CIOL Writers

With more than one billion users around the world, YouTube represents 76 languages on its platform. And as it gets a bit tricky to find content in a particular language, YouTube is asking users to translate the video in their

Facebook testing auto-playing videos with sound turned on

By : CIOL Writers

Social media platforms are currently experiencing video mania with video content forming a major chunk of social networking consumption. New experiments are being tried out every day to catch maximum eyeballs. A move in the same direction is being carried

Facebook’s new video metrics focused on 360 degree videos

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook has launched a set of new video metrics that allow publishers to keep a tab on the performance of their videos by analyzing the audience and its preferences. The networking giant is also enabling a guide and heat map

This company found the secret sauce of going viral

By : CIOL Writers

So, if you have seen the famous subway rat dragging his pizza slice home or the rat taking a selfie it was the work of an Independent Australian production studio, The Woolshed Company. They seem to have cracked the code

Twitter pursues more live streaming deals for sports

Twitter reportedly is in talks with the National Basketball Association(NBA), the Major League Soccer(MLS) and Turner Sports for getting exclusive digital streaming rights for major sports and events content, as per a Recode report. Twitter, sometime back has also partnered

Video ads on social media do not make the cut for advertisers

By : CIOL Writers

We are more likely to watch video ads on websites than those which are posted on social media, a study by Teads has shown. The research reports know us better than we do! Teads, a video company that makes money

42pc users unaware of involuntary mobile data use by video ads

NEW DELHI, INDIA:Despite being cautious about the mobile data spends, a majority of smartphone users in India are not aware about their data consumption source. A survey by mobile VoIP app, nanu found that 64% of smartphone users have indicated

Axis acquires store optimization solution co, Cognimatics

BANGALORE, INDIA: Network video solutions provider, Axis Communications has acquired Cognimatics, a leading company of store optimization solutions targeting the retail sector. Cognimatics’ technology is used for people counting, queue measurement and occupancy estimation. Cognimatics is a privately owned Swedish

Hotstar gears up for surge in live sports streaming

BANGALORE, INDIA: Hotstar and Akamai have renewed their partnership to deliver live sports content such as the ongoing Indian Premier League(IPL) and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Hotstar has seen a huge surge in viewership for Live sports, as