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China’s VC firm Shunwei eyeing investment in Indian Startups

By : CIOL Writers

Considering the flourishing startup culture in India, China’s venture capital firm Shunwei Capital Partners is eyeing investments in Indian startups in partnership with domestic VC firms, according to The Times of India. The Chinese firm that manages over $2 billion

Idea – Rocket Science + Ears = Good Start-Up

Pratima H BANGALORE, INDIA: Who could have thought in the post-Great Depression days in the USA

Funding roundup: From LendingKart to Airbnb

By : CIOL Writers

In the startup world we live in daily new investments are initiated. Here’s a round up

Venture capital funding for startups drop

By : Riddhi Sharma

While, we might see a rise in a number of startups every day. There is an