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Tesla may not reach Indian shores this summer

By : CIOL Writers

In a massive disappointment for many Tesla fans in the country, the much-awaited Tesla’s debut or the electric car revolution in India may have been indefinitely postponed. Though Tesla CEO Elon Musk had hoped to launch the Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk teases Tesla’s electric semi-truck at TED talk

By : CIOL Writers

Speaking at 2017 TED Conference in Vancouver, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shed light on many of his companies’ ongoing project that included tunnelling work and a forthcoming electric semi-truck. Elon Musk teased semi-truck at TED talk. pic.twitter.com/sY0w7KSsTx — Johana Bhuiyan (@JMBooyah) April 28,

Tesla’s most affordable Model S becomes more affordable with $5000 price cut

By : CIOL Writers

If you have ever dreamt of owning a Tesla, this could be your chance. Tesla has announced a price cut for its entry-level Model S, with a $5,000 discount to the 75kWh version, which now starts at $69,500. The price cut

Would you mind connecting your brain with computer for Elon Musk?

By : CIOL Writers

After excelling in autonomous vehicles, launching rockets, digging tunnels and creating Hyperloop, starting the Boring Company and colonising Mars, now Elon Musk wants to merge computers and human brains. You might think we are near the end of the human

Elon Musk bets his company can fix South Australia’s power issues in 100 days

By : CIOL Writers

Elon Musk likes to keep himself busy with challenging tasks. After trying to make it possible for humans to travel to Mars, Musk now aims to fix electricity problem of South Australia. But the fun here is, Tesla co-founder and CEO

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has already started boring

By : CIOL Writers

There are people who have a knack to find problems in everything. And then there are people who see problems only to find their solutions. Elon Musk undoubtedly belongs to the latter. From self-driving cars to Man’s Mars Mission, Musk

BMW, Intel and Mobileye to deploy 40 autonomous test cars on road this year

By : CIOL Writers

From the world’s first 5G modem to smart hairbrush, CES 2017 has already set tech world on fire with a small peep into future of technology. Now, bringing one of the most anticipated announcements from the show- a fleet of

Panasonic invests more than $256 million in Tesla’s SolarCity

By : CIOL Writers

After announcing the plan to build a $5 billion lithium-ion Giga factory east of Reno, Nevada, to produce batteries for both electric cars and energy storage products, the duo – Panasonic and Tesla – are back with the second announcement.

Tesla acquires solar energy provider Solarcity for $2.6 billion

By : CIOL Writers

Tesla has officially acquired SolarCity for $2.6 billion, bringing Elon Musk’s two companies under one roof. Solarcity is the provider of solar energy services, headquartered in San Mateo, California. Tesla said, “We’re pleased to announce that Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity

World’s first self-driving taxis are on roads courtesy nuTonomy

By : CIOL Writers

When Google, Tesla, Uber and many other automobile manufacturers are busy trying to develop, test or perfect their proprietary autonomous tech, nuTonomy, a three-year-old startup has its automated taxis already on roads. The company announced the launch of the first-ever

Tesla’s Autopilot feature drives a man to hospital, saves his life

By : CIOL Writers

Autonomous driving technology is actually supposed to help drivers attain driving skills beyond their actual capabilities, but off late it has been the centre of criticism by many because of the risks associated with it. Although Tesla – American automotive

Till a crash did us apart: Mobileye and Tesla part ways

By : CIOL Writers

Israel-based technology company Mobileye – which makes software and components that help prevent collisions – and the California-based leading car maker Tesla have decided to end their collaboration on advancing features related to the automaker’s Autopilot autonomous-driving device. Mobileye announced

Tesla withdraws resale value guarantee on all cars bought after July 1

By : CIOL Writers

Tesla came up with an excellent idea to offer Resale Value Guarantee in 2013 when it introduced upscale electric cars. The program dissipated the risk factor involved in buying a car on a fairly new concept, compared to say a

Tesla crash opens doors for advanced innovations in driver-less tech

By : CIOL Writers

The fatal crash of a Tesla self-driving car that left one dead has proven to be a trigger for the development of advanced and sensitive systems to help vehicles see and drive themselves safely, investors and analysts said. Goldman Sachs

BMW partners with Intel, Mobileye to develop driver-less car technology

By : CIOL Writers

As automakers race against Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Tesla, and Apple to develop driverless vehicles, BMW has teamed up with Intel and Mobileye seeking to harness their expertise in areas including machine learning and mapping. The development of

Tech This Week: Cannes, Brexit, Tesla: Full of big strokes

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: Deep learning software, geometric proportions’ analysis, algorithms to understand strokes, height maps, facial recognition data: and

An electric super car from Acura: NSX EV Concept

By : CIOL Writers

Advice for Carmakers: Supercars aren’t just about looks, speed, and performance. They need to have an

Tesla offers to acquire Musk-led company SolarCity in a stock deal

By : CIOL Writers

American automotive and energy storage company Tesla Motors has offered to acquire top industrialist and Tesla

10 books to know the secrets of tech giants like Google or Apple

I keep reading about Google’s work culture, their employee-friendly policies and often wonder is there a