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60pc Indian professionals plan to be entrepreneurs in next 10yrs

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Around 60 percent of Indian who are currently working in small or mid-sized organizations plan to be entrepreneurs over the next 10 years, reveals GoDaddy’s ‘Future of Work’ survey- a global study that delves into entrepreneurial intent,

Eye-tracking technology knows when you’re bored or interested in VR

By : CIOL Writers

Instead of solely witnessing the other person on a screen or a stage, VR (virtual reality) has the potential to bring digital enthusiasts together in any kind of digital encounters, where the users have the freedom to look in any

Most want to unplug all technology while on a vacation

By : CIOL Writers

Wouldn’t you give anything for a vacation by the beach where a mobile network cannot reach you? Well as it turns out, you and me aren’t the only ones. According to research conducted Intel and MSI International reveals that most

Is automation a threat to your profession?

By : CIOL Writers

Can automation replace human intelligence? That’s the question researchers at McKinsey & Co. are asking. The firm has released a study that says that automation will eliminate “very few occupations entirely in the next decade.” It goes on to add

Prosthesis: The anti-robot keeping humans at the heart of technology

By : CIOL Writers

A 3.5 ton, the two-storey tall racing robot with four steel legs and a massive battery pack in its belly is being built somewhere in Vancouver but this Frankenstein isn’t your autonomous robot from science-fiction. “Prosthesis: the anti-robot” needs a

These 7 countries are benefiting most from technology innovation

By : CIOL Writers

The United States, Singapore, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and Israel are seven top countries reaping rich dividends from economic and digital innovation, according to a survey by Geneva-based World Economic Forum released on Wednesday. The latest Global Information Technology

You got to attend these 4 cool tech conferences

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Technology is ever evolving and progressing. The world revolves around the connectivity provided by technology and industry leaders are working to improve speeds, devices and overall performance to make those devices and programs more convenient. Technology conferences are as much

Integrating technology with learning and teaching

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Nicholas Peachey is a well-known blogger, teacher trainer, learning technology consultant and author. Winner of the British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources in 2016, Nik has worked with companies such as British Council, International House, and Bell

Snapchat’s online magazine Real Life

By : CIOL Writers

If you think Snapchat is just about ephemeral messages and videos, think again. The company is behind a new online magazine called Real Life, which will publish roughly one article each weekday on the subject of technology, starting on June

L’Oreal brings technology to beauty products

By : CIOL Writers

The beauty industry, which has relied on tactics of creating mystery and intrigue around its products to drive sales, is now turning tech savvy. French cosmetics giant L’Oreal has launched a tech incubator, employing two dozen people in San Francisco

From technology to cartoons

By : CIOL Writers

After working for more than 10 years as a public relations consultant for some of the world’s biggest technology brands, Brendan Boughen, alias Jim, Communications Manager at Microsoft New Zealand has decided to publish a cartoon book titled Sounds Like

IIT Madras tech lighting up the dark alleys of Indian villages

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A tiny hamlet of 58 households, part of a small town called phalodi in Rajasthan, has been lighting up their houses only with kerosene lamps, until now. Thanks to a technology developed by IIT Madras, their houses have electricity for

Girls outperform boys in technology test

By : Riddhi Sharma

How many times have you woken up to see the newspapers report that girls have secured more marks than boys? While it is not only true for India, but also for the US. In a test by National Assessment of

Hyperloop technology: 0 to 400 mph in two seconds

By : CIOL Writers

A fully operational hyperloop would whisk passengers and cargo racing through cushioned tubes at nearly the speed of sound.  This transportation alternative could make it possible to travel from Montreal to Toronto in an hour or Toronto to Vancouver in

Mover: fun and learning with DIY wearable

By : CIOL Writers

Technology is fun and learning boxed together. This is precisely that Technology Will Save Us, a UK-based startup wants to teach kids. The company that makes hardware kits for children to assemble into basic devices has now unveiled its first

Biggest science and tech predictions for the coming decade

By : CIOL Writers

My six year old nephew talks about robots and gadgets like a pro. Even at this age he has an idea about VR and AR and often talks about computer intelligence and machine learning. Technology has changed everything around us.

Goodfellow: Genius behind PIN Technology

By : CIOL Writers

Marking fifty years of his revolutionary invention, James Goodfellow, the man behind personal identification number (PIN) technology, which allows people to withdraw cash from bank machines, says his invention was not a cash-cow for him. But the Scot has “no

Dating in the times of Technology

By : CIOL Writers

‘Love in the times of technology’ has led to heated and often nasty discussions in my friend circle. But we aren’t talking love today. It’s the foreplay: dating. The prevalence of smart phones mean we are always contactable, social media

Technology for smarter and confident kids

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As a parent to a toddler, I have often found myself dogged by this question- How much technology is too much for my little girl? When it takes me a couple of days to attune to a new game on

Seagate shares tumble as forecasts miss targets

By : CIOL Writers

Seagate Technology shares tumbled down, almost about 18.5 percent on Thursday after the maker of disk drives reported preliminary third-quarter earnings that missed its previous targets, hurt by the global slump in sales of personal computers. The company late Wednesday